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    WiiU Nintendont Forwarder help

    By Eyeball_37,
    Hi all,   first post and very very new to all of this.   i have managed to install Haxchi on my wiiU and have the homebrew icon displayed, I have also managed to install the homebrew channel and Nintendont on my virtual wii and the games work, however I have seen it possible to get a Nintendont forwarder so that I can access Nintendont from my wiiU menu and use my GamePad however I can’t find a step by step guide of how to do this.   can someone please help?

    [PS4 Review] Horizon Zero Dawn

    By ScottyTheVideoGamer,
    Introduction Horizon Zero Dawn is an action role-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was released for the PlayStation 4 in early 2017. Made by Guerrilla Games who are known for the Killzone games and they try something really different here, but one thing that remains is the quality of their work.   Graphics/Sound The graphics are amazing, really good. everything from the scenery, characters and the machines. I'm blown away by them many times throughout the game. Def. close to being (if not) the best on PS4. Everything is high detail. Nice range of characters and scenery which does and shows different things but all done really well.   Gameplay I really enjoyed the gameplay the combat it is excellent with different ways to approach. With various weapons many which are different to each other unique and fun. Also with the possibility to stealth or try to override machines is great also. Combining the great graphics and sound this game is for sure a treat to play. There is plenty of exloring to do in the vast world of Horizon Zero Dawn.
    One minor issue I had is sometimes it is hard to see what you can climb up on (not clearly visible) Which lead me wandering around and around getting a bit frustrated.   Story Story is excellent although it did take me a bit to get into. Also I felt while the many side quests are great but I felt that some of the cutscenes during the side quests were not with the same care as other cut scenes. That would not be too bad but then adding that some scenes lasted why too long and it ended up feeling like a bit of mumbo jumbo and ended up slightly distracting from the main story. But please note that there are multiple side quests that have great side stories. Overall great but there parts it could have done without or just trimmed down a bit.   Play Time/Replayability Fantastic game length I spent many many hours playing this game (50+). This is a game where you do not need a guide to 100% it which I really welcome and I always felt motivated to try and complete everything. Also the trophies are good as they are not awkward to get but simply need to complete the game. I believe there is a fantastic amount of play time value. Although it is not a game I would probably replay any time soon but do not let that distract from how great this game is.   Final Recommendation If you can not tell by now i really enjoyed this game. Is it perfect? No but it is a pretty damn good game and a must play for the ps4.   My Score for Horizon Zero Dawn is a 9/10 After a slightly shaky start, this game really excels in many areas. It brings a new and unique experience with amazing visuals and gameplay with a pretty good story to back it up. If you have a ps4 seriously go buy it if you have not already

    Is my switched patched

    By vegaskid,
    https://ismyswitchpatched.com  when in store type your seral  here it tell you if patched I used it today at Walmart and scored a non patched system enjoy.

    [WiiU Review] Wii Sports Club

    By ScottyTheVideoGamer,
    When this game was announced I got excited because I thought finally an online game for the wiiu But the first thing that kind of bothered me was the price was 9.99 $ but also 9.99 euro.... So people in europe will have to pay 2 euros more per sport.... So to consider that it'll take 50 to get them all (once they're out ofcourse) right now there's only bowling and tennis   Anyways it came out recently so I downloaded it and decided to give it a try since there's a 24hr free try pass for first time users so I started the game   By the way the 24hr countdown of your trail starts as soon as you enter the main menu so beware plus its 24hrs from when you start not 24 hr access so your gonna try it out make sure you do it for a free day   So onto the games we have tennis and bowling which were probably my two favourites from the original wii sports   I enjoyed both of them but that I was a bit disappointed about certain things   Okay the graphics are HD and yes better than original but not by much, although I wasn't like expecting it to be   Gameplay In tennis pretty much the same basics but except with every sport its now motionplus controls   It does feel different at first but once you get adjusted to the motionplus you'll be doing the same shots like in the original   Although one nice addition is the smash because you have to do a smash like movement or else you'll hit the net and that sort of goes   for overall too you can't flick the controller like in the original here you have to do a bit more realistic movements   Really enjoy playing tennis online had lots of fun but sadly there's connection issues at times random games seem to have 1 red bar signal and it lags so bad.... like really bad   Cheating yes it exists.... 1 didnt like it when i was 4-1 up then my opponent didnt serve and forfeit the match and then i only gained 10 points and he only lost 10 points but if i won it it wouldve bee at least 60 so.....   also played against a guy called nico twice he got disconnected both times which pissed me off because i was winning 5-1 playing my best wiiu sports tennis, i was even amazed at myself hitting them perfect but anyways i noticed something if you turn it off you dont loose points at all.....   against a star 5 player who was really good but I'm just epic   one other niggle is liked i said before motionplus its a requirement so if want to play multiplayer offline mmmm....   so what would mean 4 player then you need 4 motionplus would've been nice if it allowed 4 normal controls even if its limited to offline play   But overall I had fun the comment system is awesome miiverse too and liked i said about improvements before and the online play so I think this is one sport which will be a must have but just a bit sad about the connection problems kinda a let down   In bowling there's no real difference just minors changes with getting used to the motionplus controls but then again afterwards you'll make the strikes or spares look easy like in wii sports   One minus is that ofcourse there's no wii fit test or anything yet which was one of my favourite things in wii sports   I'll probably buy the tennis fulltime pass but not sure about the others unless they drop in price   My Score : 6.5 / 10   + Having Wii Sports with some new improvements + Online Gaming - Online connection problems & lack of online game modes stuff like mini knock touraments wouldve been nice - Motionplus required - Price & Lack of new stuff other than online   Its not like its a bad game, its a good game I enjoyed the tennis and bowling was fun too But the price and the issues the game / s has me sort of 50 / 50 I probably end up getting the tennis but I may pass on the bowling since I haven't completed one game online with it during the 24hr free 1st try pass   To be honest I think it should be all free for one to reward the people who bought a wiiu two to attract newcomers that they could download a free game but no.... you must pay 10 per sport when you can play the original wii game that isnt too different

    [XBOX 360 Review] Rise Of The Tomb Raider

    By ScottyTheVideoGamer,
    An amazing game! Been looking forward to this one for a while, was disappointed when microsoft got the time exclusive deal
    because I didnt have an xbox one but luckily they brought it out for the xbox 360 aswell
    I have to say quality was still great for xbox 360 and you get to enjoy the experience
    So its great for people who have a x360 and just not quite ready to commit
    or for people who have a x360 and a ps4 but just not willing to wait until the end of next year
    honestly i feel that its pointless for ps4 because by then the price will be next to nothing I'm relieved because we've all seen ports or the last gen versions of other games but poor or buggy
    This version for xbox 360 is good quality and not buggy at all
    only two very minor glitches in textures but nothing that disrupts the experience I'm glad to say the quality is good much like the first tomb raider game
    Overall it's more of the same with a few tweaks its hard to get into it because its very similiar to the predessor
    Story I think is fantastic, characters are good Combat I like it's different because if you focus on being too direct you could die easily
    instead look whats around you or around your enemies and use whatever you see to your advantage
    although bows seem to be more powerful than bullets
    when it takes 3 shoots of a gun when an arrow is instant kill
    Some animals seem to take many more hits than humans bears wolfs 20+ bullets / arrows I like Survival instint and finding maps because you can find pretty much everything within the game without a guide puzzles are great and rewarding experience Things I could criticize on would really be nitpicking because its minor things
    and no game is perfect but only can be perfect for what the game is and wants to be like story maybe goes at too fast of a pace and doesnt build up certain things
    for more impact combat is not the absolute best sidequests are great but gets repeative and a lot you cant do till later when you get certain gear
    then backtrack via fast travel quite a few cheap deaths Which in this game it is My Score: 10/10 Amazing game, one that everyone should play for sure.
    I'm really glad that the xbox 360 is a good solid version for anyone without a xbox one

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