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    By wiicrew,
    CALL OF DUTY MOBILE IS OUT! Play together with your friends on Apple and android! Download from the play store! This game is free and super fricken Awesome! Here is a super duper Wiicrew hook you up code! When your in the game look toward the bottom left side for a box that says friend invite. Go in there and there is a box to input a code! Type in --->  JX49GE <--- This will give you an epic purple saw and some other cool stuff! Purple guns are so hard to get in the game, so this is a hook up! Especially right out the gate! Use the code before you get to Rank 16. After 15 this will no longer work! Feel free to message me your name on there or post here and I will add you! Enjoy and please leave a LIKE!

    youtube on nintendo

    By paige12345,
    how do i download youtube on my nintendo ????

    Atmosphère 0.10.2 has been released!

    By mostvvanted,
    0.10.2 is Atmosphère's twenty-fifth official release. fusee-primary was last updated in: 0.10.2. With thanks to the switchbrew team, Atmosphère 0.10.2 is bundled with hbl 2.3, and hbmenu 3.2.0. See link below to download Atmosphère and see what has changed since the last release: Hidden Content Like this post to see the hidden content.  

    For the newbies: Edit saves and inject them to your Switch

    By Nugem,
    This is probably child's play to many but for the ones that don't know.   Many of the Nintendo Switch game saves are plain text. The ones that are a bit encoded and cannot be read easily with notepad++ can be hex edited. Backup the saves with Checkpoint, grab the saves via FTP, you can connect from your phone using File Commander. Copy the game save to the phone, hex edit, copy back, and inject. I demonstrated this on a YouTube clip. My phone has a screen recorder,  to switch to external I initiated the camera and my phone records the viewfinder.  This also works well for save files downloaded.  Have fun.    

    Atmosphère 0.10.1 released

    By mostvvanted,
    The free CFW for the switch has been recently updated. Hidden Content Like this post to see the hidden content. Hidden Content Like this post to see the hidden content.  

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