[MEGA] Chrono Trigger (DS) Loadiine

    By Notshane,
    Ready for Loadiine Chrono Trigger: Hidden Content You'll be able to see the hidden content once you reply to this topic. Password:WhyChronoTriggerNotOnWiiUYet (link will be active until December 15, 2016; somebody else will have to host after that)

    WudMerge - Auto merge and USB-Install maker

    By Blubberman4U,
    Hello all, I made a small tool called WudMerge wich will do the following : Get a wudump structure from SD/USB/HD and merge the files together to a wud. No need to copy first all your files from SD to pc just load direct from your dumped media. After this wud2app will be started and a USB-Install will be made from the wud. Also the directory created will have the gametitle and region displayed. Next version will also offer to copy the generated USB-Install back to SD:\install and/or create a WUX from it automatic with WudCompress. Extract the archive and copy your wud2app.exe to this program dir because it's needed and not mine. Also this is based on wudump 1.3, so make sure to use at least this version or the common.key will not be dumped and that's needed. Usage Start the program and select with the windows file requester the source wud (game_part1.wud) Select with the path requester the destination on HD where you want the wud to be created. Now the wud will be merged and when succesfull , the USB-Install creation with wud2app will begin, so you just have to wait and can do other stuff   Todo optional automatic copy back to SD:\install after processing USB-Install (eventually asking or setting with .ini to remove wudump SD files first to make space for it) optional automatic WUX creation from WUD optional CRC32/MD5/SHA1 checking with more speed.... Nice Windows GUI User suggested options   Current Version : 1.0.4 Download Link Hidden Content You'll be able to see the hidden content once you reply to this topic.

    Wii Backup Help Needed

    By markthewolf90,
    I'm trying to figure out how to read Wii backups in the disc channel. (Without a disc, naturally) Because as many of you know, basically all Wii game mods/patches require a disc copy which is inconvenient for practically anyone interested.

    [Wii U] Compilation of WiiU Tutorials (From Setting Rednand/Sysnand CFW to Installing Stuff) + Regionhax Installer -Noob friendly- &Pirate WiiU GAMES

    hybrid -x1
    By hybrid -x1,
    So I've noticed that DU really doesn't have as much content like up to date stuff like it did in the past (at least not that I can see or tell) with no disrespect guys. I've been here since 2010 So. . .it's a bit sad seeing DU like this (especially with almost all of the DU Elite busy with IRL stuff) but anywho this is MY attempt (AKA 2cents) in bringing some help/life around these parts. Follow these guides and use the tools supplied because this is as easy as it gets. I personally pimped out 4 different Wii U's using all this shit I'm posting below. What this Guide CAN give you Region FREE console Pirate (Backups) WiiU games Pirate (Backup) Virtual Console games Pirate (backup) Eshop ONLY games Pirate DLC (Yes you read right) Access to Homebrew Launcher on your WiiU Sysnand WiiU setup Rednand WiiU setup CFWbooter AND anything else I might be forgetting   READ EVERYTHING PLEASE!   Important:   Disclaimer:     Compilation of Wii U TuT's: ragionhax_installer_v1.0.zip regionhax_uninstaller_v1.0.zip   Edit: I recommend you guys use these two App's to download your WiiU games, Virtual Console games, Eshop ONLY games,  DLC, Update files, AND out of region games. ---> WiiU_USB_Helper ---> uTikDownloadHelper IMPORTANT: When you download and install either of these app's you'll be prompted to supply a website URL. make SURE you input wiiu.titlekeys.com

    Homebrew Channel on WiiU

    By icw35,
    I can't take any credit for this at all, but it is here! The HBL for WiiU. I followed this guide to the letter and it works! --link redacted-- I am NOT responsible if you brick your WiiU, so use with care. Note, you can choose to boot straight into CFW if you like. FIX94's github has the various rom.zips you might need. If you want HBL & CFW in two channels, you need to buy two games.   Also the python uploads take a while for the bigger images and sound. Dont panic, let it run its course. I screwed up first time, just had to delete it from USB and redownload. I would recommend ibstalling on USB!

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