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    Nintendo Switch won't charge, turn on, blank screen

    By Nerkun,
    Hi all,    Yesterday I wanted to play my Switch after not using it for 17 days (yes, I know when I used it last). The screen doesn't respond. No logo or battery sign, nothing.   I tried: -charging it for hours using the official and normal USB-C to USB cable from my phone. Nothing. -putting it into the dock (with and without joycons attached), but when I do that, the green charging light blinks for the first moment when I dock the Switch, and turns off right after that. -tried plugging it into my power bank. Nothing. -I tried holding the power button for 12-30 seconds, then pressing it on. Quick press twice and hold of the power button. No response from the screen.    There is no official Nintendo service in my country, and even if there was, if they gave me a replacement unit, I know it would not be a hackable one, plus I have all my saves to consider. I have the SX OS dongle, and tried plugging it in and starting the switch by holding the volume up and power button, but again, no response.    Does anyone have any tips I can try? 

    [XBOX ONE / 360] Black Ops 2 Mod menu for Zombies

    By wiicrew,
    Load up the Zombies side of the game! Go to the leader board, and change friends to all. Click on the #1 top persons videos. Watch videos 1 and 2 to install the Mod menu. Make sure you watch each video til it stops. Not til the timer ends. This menu is great! Freeze zombies, god mod, unlimited ammo. Everything that you would want in a mod menu. Also there is an achievements unlocker in the menu that will unlock a few more that the other tutorial I posted did not! If you find this useful please like this. Thanks and Have fun! Use responsible!

    [XBOX ONE / 360] Black Ops 2 Master Prestige Unlocker

    By wiicrew,
    Same Instruction as my other posts. Must have internet and Gold for this to work. Go to the multiplayer side of the game! Next go to the capture the flag leader board! Change friends to All, then go to the top #1 person on the board. Click on his videos, press down once. Next go to the far right of his videos and you will find a video that says max prestige. Watch the video all the way till it stops. Then exit out, and you will find you are now max prestige! Wow max prestige and you didn't even have to play one game online. Enjoy. If you find this useful please like it! Thanks

    [XBOX ONE / 360] Black ops 2 Mod Menu for private and multiplayer games!

    By wiicrew,
    To install this you must follow the same instructions as the Achievements Unlocker. Must have internet and gold for this to work. First go to the multiplayer side of black ops. Next go to the capture the flag leaderboard and change friends to view all! Next click on the top #1 guy on the list, and view his videos. Press down once and they will pop up! The first video is the achievement unlocker. The next four will install the mod menu. You must watch 1-4. One after another. Also note you must watch all the way till the end of the video, not til when the time runs out. After the fourth video, it will pop up on your screen. Let's go ruin Black ops! Enjoy. Please use this responsible!  If this is useful to you please like it! Have fun!

    [XBOX ONE / 360] Black Ops 2 Achievements unlocker

    By wiicrew,
    This will unlock most of the achievements for the game! First get into the multiplayer side of the game! You will have to be online and have gold for this to work. Go to the Capture the flag leaderboard! Change friends to all! Next click on the top #1 person! Go to his videos, and you will press down once and you will see his videos pop up! Click on the first video, it says unlock all achievements, watch it! I recommend watching it twice. You will see about 20 or so achievements pop off!  Congrads you didn't even have to play the game and you have over 1000 achievement points! If you find this useful please like it! Thanks

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