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    [Switch] Atmosphere settings tutorial

    By ELY_M,
    changing how you launch hbmenu and games
    This is the default loader.ini config in /atmosphere/
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    I started with atmosphere 0.8.3 that I normally tap on album icon to open my hbmenu and tap on games to open games.  
    When I updated to 0.8.5, I open my album to see my own gallery of pics like in OFW.  I read thru change logs on the github.  
    I had to press R to open hbmenu from my album.  I open games to see hbmenu.  I would have to press R to open one of games to game.  

    I decided to make it abit easier by editng my loader.ini  
    I added ! before R in this line override_key=R
    making this line to be override_key=!R   

    next thing, when I open one of my games, it go to hbmenu.  
    I figured out that it will help me to get full RAM for retroarch or other homebrew apps.    
    I decided to leave it to true because I run retroarch.  

    I know some people do not need full RAM.   
    if you do not need full RAM, you can change this line
    override_any_app=true to override_any_app=false
    so you do not have to hold R when opening your game.     
    My own loader.ini here Hidden Content Like this post to see the hidden content.
    Disabling Cheats Atomsphere come with cheat engine enabled on default settings.     
    I saw that many people have issues with games or want cheats disabled.      

    Open system_settings.ini in atmosphere folder and find this line

    dmnt_cheats_enabled_by_default = u8!0x1

    change this line to
    dmnt_cheats_enabled_by_default = u8!0x0
    Custom Boot Screens
    I read thru gbatemp and found out that people are able to make custom boot splash screen.  
    very cool!    The custom boot splash screen have to be 1280 x 720 and rotated 90 counterwise.  
    It can be done easily in photoshop and saved as a bmp in 32bit.   

    More of the splash screens and more of my made ones too. Hidden Content Like this post to see the hidden content.  
    I add this line to BCT.ini in /atmosphere/ on my sd card.   
    then I put bootlogo.bmp in the atomosphere folder. Hidden Content Like this post to see the hidden content.

    Here is my custom boot splash screen

    My own BCT.ini here
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    Introducing DarkUmbra Apparel – Premium Gear for the Dedicated Gamer

    By ShadowPuppet,
    Premium Gear for the Dedicated Gamer!

    After what seems like an eternity of hard work, we are SO excited to introduce DU's official dedicated gaming gear. Our line of premium products includes premium apparel and accessories that enhance the dedicated gamer's experience. As part of our first launch, we are releasing three limited-edition collections – Classic, Lifeline, and #DEDICATED. Each collection offers a range of products including t-shirts, hats, posters, and drawstring bags. Amongst these exclusive designs, we are offering a limited-edition personalized classic t-shirt that you can customize with your username, making for a unique keepsake! As this is our first launch, stock is extremely limited and these designs will only be available for a short amount of time. If you're interested in getting something, don't wait! See our note below about getting 10% off if you're one of the first 50 customers ON TOP of the 10-15% we've already taken off all t-shirts as a launch special! tl;dr: just show me the goods – shop.darkumbra.net
      Awesome, I want to order something! We love that you're into it and want to get your hands on exclusive, dedicated gear! If you're one of the first 50 orders, we have a coupon code for you to get an additional 10% off your entire purchase! Enter FIRST50 at checkout to get 10% off your order as a thank you from us to you!
      Help support DU for years to come! We've priced our items as competitively as possible to give you guys the best possible products at a great price. The tiny profit we stand to make here will go directly to improving the site and community for our members and will help to keep DU around for many, many more years! We are so grateful we have members who donate to the site regularly – now we can finally provide something that you can enjoy as well!
      100% Manufactured in the US We are proud to support local businesses by offering products that are sourced exclusively from the best manufacturers across the USA!
      What other products are coming? We have  many ideas bouncing around – we're working with suppliers for mugs, mousepads, throw pillows, laptop stickers/decals, hoodies, and throw blankets. If you have any specific products you'd like DU-ified™, let us know!
      Enough talk – I want in! I'm Ready - Let's Go
    We'd absolutely love your feedback – please do not hesitate to post your thoughts, comments, suggestions, etc. You can also send them directly to us using the Contact Us page or by sending me a PM. Looking forward to hearing from you guys and girls!!  

    NRO2NSP Tutorial (Directly launch emulated games)

    By EmptyBox,
    NRO2NSP Tutorial:
    This is an easy to use NSP builder that will make rediction NSPs or Retroarch Forwarders out of NROs

    This tutorial will help you create NSP versions of NRO files (GoldLeaf, NXThemeInstaller, Save Editors, etc)
    It will also allow you to launch Retroarch emulated games directly like any other Switch game without having to navigate through multiple menus NRO2NSP Download:

    1. You need to get your prod.keys and title.keys
    This can be achieved by running Lockpick or RCM Lockpick  
    It will place them in your "switch" folder found on the root of your SD Card

    2. Place them in AppData > Roaming > Nro2Nsp folder
    Example: "C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\Nro2Nsp"

    3. Download the latest version of NRO2NSP and extract the files to a folder.
        It doesn't matter where just remember the location. 4. Run the NRO2NSP.exe

    5. Enter the settings
    App Name:
    - Enter the name of the NRO
    Title ID:
     -  The title ID can be generated by clicking the button to the right of the text box
    - Give proper credit and enter the name of the Dev
    - Enter the version of NRO 6. Import Icon
    - Google the name of the app and will usually find the image.

    7. This point you have two options 
    A. Make an NSP for any NRO (Example: Goldleaf, EasyRPG, etc)
    B. Make an NSP for Retroarch that will launch emulated game without having to navigate Homebrew and Retroarch nro

    A. Option One - Any NRO:
       1. Click "Standard Nro Forwarder"    2. Select the bubble for "Sdmc"

       3. Enter the path to NRO on your Switch  "/switch/InsertName.nro"
       - Example: /switch/NxThemesInstaller.nro

    B. Option Two - Retroarch NSP:
       1. Click "Retroarch Rom Forwarder"

       2. Select the Core Path
       - This will bring up a menu showing list of cores select the one you're using for the game.
       - PPSSPP Example: /retroarch/cores/ppsspp_libretro_libnx.nro    3. Select the Rom Path 
       - You can use the menu provided and add name of game and file format 
       - PPSSPP Example: /roms/Sony - PlayStation Portable/NameofGame.iso (Name.fileformat)
       - You can use any rom path you like for example this is what I used for Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky
           "/ROMS/PPSSPP/Legend of Heroes - Trails in the Sky, The.iso"

    8. Click Build NSP 
    - If you get an error make sure you filled out all the information
    - Added your prod.keys and title.key to correct location 

    9. Install the NSP (Copy to the device or install over USB)

    I wrote this pretty fast if I missed anything or if you're having issues just ask I'll be happy to help

    - EmptyBox

    eshop NSP files

    By switchi0815,
    Hi there, some of you linked games as nsp files. But how can i use this / play this games .. if i install the file it ask for internet connection (i dont want to use internet in case of a ban) how can in modify the nsp file with my key ? xci to nsp works .. but how to edit nsp files.   best  

    Removing Auto RCM After ChoiDuJourNX Updated

    By savememrtako,
    I had got to 5.1 or 5.2 the normal official way. I have now upgraded to 6.2.0 using ChoiDuJourNX. Am I correct that if I now remove auto RCM it will simply burn the fuses, but carry on working. I'm getting sick of the battery drain and want to disable auto RCM, but want to make sure there's no brick risk? Please can someone advise me?   Thank you

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