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    Atmosphère 0.10.1 released

    By mostvvanted,
    The free CFW for the switch has been recently updated. Hidden Content Like this post to see the hidden content. Hidden Content Like this post to see the hidden content.  

    Firmware 9.1.0 is out now for the Switch

    By UmbraKaDabra,
    Here you go guys the new version of atmospheres been released 2 hours ago get it here  Hidden Content Like this post to see the hidden content.

    [3ds] CTRP installation help

    11.10 frm, Lumna 9.0 -n3ds   I'm trying to install CTRPF, but I'm having some major trouble I read that I don't need their boo.frm as it didn't work when I put it on my ds, I have a backup of the file (and my whole 3ds) and one named boot.frm.bak 😄 Roaslina doesn't have the enabled plugins to tick I renamed actionreplay to plugin 😕 I really lost here Any help would be nice Please And Thank You So Much -X Later Gamers

    Just Dance Modding Community

    By BlitzCraig,
    I recently discovered Just Dance Unlimited Party and I'm enjoying it more than Just Dance 2020. I've noticed that the music is louder and their are also 2 Just Dance Fanmade routines in there. I recently searched Just Dance Fanmade and discovered a wealth of material. I'd like to know if there's a Just Dance Modding Community where I could download more of these Fanmade routines for Wii. Does anyone know about this?

    Help with switch

    By ricepao,
    Hello! So I had a switch running on SX OS 2.8 and decided to update the firmware to 9.0.1 since some games weren't running suddenly. I used choi to update, but after the reboot, the switch would not boot up. Someone mentioned that 2.8 didn't support that firmware so I put the latest SX OS boot.dat in my sd card and it still won't boot. Please help, did I fuck up and break my switch or is there anything else I could do? EDIT: I also did a NAND backup but since the switch won't start up is it possible to restore the NAND?

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