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  2. rhinorepair

    How many people still use the Wii here?

    Still using my Wii when not on my WiiU - Both in the lounge behind the main TV in the house ! Soft-modded with all the emulators so it is my Genesis, Amstrad CPC, Spectrum, SNES, Atari 2600 +7200 and more. Own all of the machines themselves but just playing the games on my Wii. Currently trying to set up the BBC micro emulator on it ! 100s of Wii games on USB but still found myself playing Wii Sports Tennis with my teenage son. Always a laugh! Can't see it losing it's place in my lounge anytime soon.
  3. Today
  4. 3nino

    Data Security

    Data Security English | Size: 2.67 GB Category: CBTs What is Data Security? Data Security is a process of protecting files, databases, and accounts on a network by adopting a set of controls, applications, and techniques that identify the relative importance of different datasets, their sensitivity, regulatory compliance requirements and then applying appropriate protections to secure those resources. Similar to other approaches like perimeter security, file security or user behavioral security, data security is not the be all, end all for a security practice. It's one method of evaluating and reducing the risk that comes with storing any kind of data. Why Data Security? If the Data Security process is just one of many different ways to structure your organization's information security systems, what makes it better than competing methods? Broadly speaking, most other security processes are "user-centric": they focus on questions like: Is this user allowed to access this data? Is this person authorized to be on this network? Is this person abusing system resources? Which is great and necessary but struggles with many real-world issues like large organizations having hundreds or thousands of servers with haphazardly applied permissions, antiquated user groups and gaps in knowing who is accessing what. A data-centric security model is a practical way of approaching this from a different direction. Data vs User Security Models Imagine a scenario where a user on your customer service team places a spreadsheet containing customer Personally Identifiable Information like Social Security Numbers or other sensitive records onto a globally accessible shared folder. User Centric Model: this isn't a problem, everyone has the proper rights to access that file. Data Security Model: this is a huge problem as sensitive information is now available to every intern, contractor or "coasting through their two weeks notice until they take a new job at your biggest competitor" employee with network access. This scenario makes plain the big dependency of a Data Security approach: data classification. DOWNLOAD [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  5. cheers from italy
  6. 3nino

    AI for Finance

    AI for Finance .MP4, AVC, 380 kbps, 1920x1080 | English, AAC, 144 kbps, 2 Ch | 2h 19m | 648 MB Instructor: Jakub Konczyk A lot of solutions to key problems in the financial world require predicting the future patterns in data from the past to make better financial decisions right now. The evolution of modern machine learning methods and tools in recent years in the field of computer vision bring promise of the same progress in other important fields such as financial forecasting. In this course, you'll first learn how to quickly get started with ML in finances by predicting the future currency exchange rates using a simple modern machine learning method. In this example, you'll learn how to choose the basic data preparation method and model and then how to improve them. In the next module, you'll discover a variety of ways to prepare data and then see how they influence models training accuracy. In the last module, you'll learn how to find and test a few key modern machine learning models to pick up the best performing one. After finishing this course, you'll have a solid introduction to apply ML methods to financial data forecasting. What You Will Learn Get hands-on financial forecasting experience using machine learning with Python, Keras, Scikit-Learn and pandas Use a variety of data preparation methods with financial data Predict future values based on single and multiple values Apply key modern Machine Learning methods for forecasting Understand the process behind choosing the best performing data preparation method and model Grasp Machine Learning forecasting on a specific real-world financial data DOWNLOAD [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
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  8. quickboy456


  9. quickboy456


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  11. buffalo72

    how to see the Hidden Content

    I believe you have to like the comment at the bottom of the page! Can someone explain to me how to actually download the files, I keep getting ad page asking to register. I am not clicking on the links in unknown websites!!!
  12. Styledvinny

    SX OS from Team-Xecuter is now out in the Wild!

    Hi Can someone help me please? I am looking for the OFW 7.0.1 for switch to install using chouj. Not sure where to find it.
  13. robert151099

    wii games help

    hi can anyone link me to places where i can download wii game isos or wbfs collections preffered but anywhere with single games aswel there is a thread on here that needs 5 posts h h jh h
  14. AcGee

    SX OS from Team-Xecuter is now out in the Wild!

    Recent update to support 7.X too although in beta...
  15. Can you jailbreak iPhone 6 Plus 9.2.1 11 HBO system are just 64 bit
  16. skittlesthatmoo

    Xecuter SX OS For The Nintendo Switch Review

  17. Earlier
  18. killuago

    how to see the Hidden Content

    I'm new here and i don't know how to see the Hidden Content
  19. killuago


    hey everyone nice to meet you
  20. [Hidden Content]
  21. Hello everyone! Glad to be here, I'm always interested in learing new things and meeting new people. I like B-movies, good music, and Stephen King. Looking forward to exploring the site here!
  22. fliptheswitch

    My Room Tour: Games, Figures, Kpop And More!!!

    I LOVE looking at Gaming Setups...
  23. fliptheswitch


    Well Hello everyone. Just signed up here. Today I got a Nintendo Switch... Been wanting one now I have got one. I got BOTW. Cannot wait to set my switch up to play it. My name is Troy.
  24. Hi. looking to mod my wii says i have to have 5 posts so im posting to download mmm hope this works thanks
  25. Zazaaji

    hello world!

    Randomly guessing Black Desert (Online), but Don't know.
  26. hello when attempting to boot my switch it gives black screen and when dock it isnt showing connection was working yesterday not sure what to do tried the multile ways of holding down the power switch too have sx os on it
  27. LardCannon

    switch modding discord

    can anyone hook me up with a switch modding discord?
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