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  2. +1 Need of this update. Found it nowhere
  3. Today
  4. Thank you so much Can you add missing DLC nsps? Custom Xci has 55 dlcs But sum of DLC Unlocker and Legend Patrol Pack DLC is only 50. your collection's dlc is same file Please add missing DLC nsps too
  5. Amazing post dude! This was my favorite 80's kid show. Can't wait to try it out 👍
  6. maikito

    The Mandalorian Theme

    how installs all this themes?
  7. NSP is in there. Install 3 first, then install Update and DLC to get 4.
  8. Asdivine Hearts II[01007D300CD8C000][v0] [NSP] Asdivine Hearts II[01007D300CD8C000][7 DLC] Asdivine Hearts II[01007D300CD8C800][v1.0.1][v65536] [UPDATE] 1Fichier [Hidden Content] OneDrive [Hidden Content]
  9. Added Wizard of Legend[0100522007AAA800][v1.2][v655360] [UPDATE]
  10. Added AO Tennis 2[010047000E9AA800][v1.3.0][v196608] [UPDATE]
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