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  2. Amdo-sama

    Mochi Mochi Boy NSP

  3. Amdo-sama

    Mini Trains NSP

  4. I cant get Leisure suit larry or Super smash bros ultimate to work. They both say "You must have the software in order to play" Can you help me please
  5. Super Neptunia RPG Update v1.03 NSW-VENOM v196608 Direct Link:- [Hidden Content] Super Neptunia RPG [01004D600AC14000][v0] Direct Link:- [Hidden Content] Follow Me To See All My Uploads and Updates....
  6. Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled Update v1.0.5 NSW-VENOM v327680 Direct Link:- [Hidden Content] Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled [0100F9F00C696000][v0] Direct Link:- [Hidden Content] Follow Me To See All My Uploads and Updates....
  7. Tlicolity Eyes twinkle showtime JPN NSW-HR - XCI Direct Link:- [Hidden Content] Follow Me To See All My Uploads and Updates....
  8. Today
  9. rafaelbrx

    Airheart :Tales of Broken Wings

    Release Date: 2019, Jan Genre: Action, Simulation Developer: Blindflug Studios Language: EN Version: 1.0.0 Format: NSP Size: 809 MB Airheart is a diesel punk aircraft action in which each colorful level is built on the previous one up to the stratosphere itself. Welcome to Granaria, a flying city in the clouds. Meet Amelia, a young pilot and fisherwoman who wants to reach the edge of the world. Start the engines, arm yourself against the pirates who have rebelled and get ready to catch the catch of your whole life! Airheart will be a real pleasure, both for fans and for beginners in the genre of aviation action games. Download
  10. Tlicolity Eyes twinkle showtime [010019500DB1E000] [JPN] [XCI] (7.4GB) [Hidden Content] Caladrius Blaze [01004FD00D66A000] [NSP] (2.6GB) [Hidden Content]
  11. JumpHead Battle4Fun! [0100DE800B1F2000] [NSP] (640MB) [Hidden Content] Mini Trains [0100FB700DE1A000] [NSP] (2GB) [Hidden Content] Mochi Mochi Boy [01008C500E7D8000] [NSP] (110MB) [Hidden Content]
  12. I could do ths, but since I cannot verify the codes to be working I want not post any codes. The codes are copied and shared in every board and in the end no one knows what codes are the right ones. I have updated my Switch from 7.0.1 to 8.1.0 - Now game is working fine, so the new 1.0.5 codes are verified. here they come [RelicRace Crate add 30sec to freeze timer] 04000000 00FA7A0C 1E27D000 [Unlock All Pit Stop / Grand Prix Items] 04000000 01053018 52800020 [Unlock All Ordinary Items] 04000000 01051DF0 52800020 [Unlock N.Tropy] 04000000 01052B0C 52800020 [Unlock Penta Pinguin] 04000000 01052140 52800020 [Beat All Oxide Times - Digital NTropy Skin] 04000000 01052D78 52800020 [Unlock All Skins] 04000000 01052414 52800020
  13. If you install the base nsp then it wont ask to install again if you dont installed just the update 😐
  14. Amdo-sama

    Caladrius Blaze NSP

  15. Release Date: 2017, Dec Genre: Platformer, Action, Adventure Developer: Andrew Gilmour / Stage Clear Studios Language: EN, Multi 7 Version: 1.0.2 Format: NSP Size: You have to fight with the legions of deadly creatures, before you fall into the citadel, where you will be waiting for treacherous traps and even more bloodthirsty monsters. You control the fate of Batorin, a doomed hero in the gothic world who seeks to free the six cursed possessions from the six deadly masters. All this happens to the accompaniment of heavy music from Kurt Victor Bryant (formerly Celtic Frost member). Download
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