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  1. Past hour
  2. JonnyMohawk

    Ni No Kuni

    Well that was a shitpost if I ever saw one.
  3. Akash Path of the Five eSHOP [01009A800F0C8000][v0] Direct Link:- [Hidden Content] Follow Me To See All My Uploads and Updates....
  4. This was just posted on /vg/ /homebrewgeneral/ Had to shrink size to fit 2MB limit. Sorry about first image
  5. Deobulakenyo

    Ni No Kuni

    Hahahahaha. you raised it up and then brought it down with a loud bang
  6. You do realize we'd never get games if nobody bought them, right?
  7. Imagine paying for a switch game
  8. iVc

    Ni No Kuni

  9. dothackjhe

    ❗✅❗Grid Autosport (Image Proof) NSP TESTED✅

    I second this. Any chance for uploading the "high-res" files?
  10. F1NATiK

    Ni No Kuni

    I got Ni No Kuni today. But i don't have my switch atm. Duh. Hopefully get it back tonight or tomorrow.
  11. thanks for share
  12. me pueden decir ¿como le puedo meter juegos? por favor
  13. Any chance of uploading the "high-res" files for the game?
  14. Firmware 6.X+ Angry Bunnies Colossal Carrot Crusade [0100F3500D05E000][v0] [NSP] [Hidden Content] Repack [Hidden Content] Angry Bunnies Colossal Carrot Crusade [0100F3500D05E000] - [10 DLC] [Hidden Content] Angry Bunnies Colossal Carrot Crusade [0100F3500D05E000][v0] + [10 DLC] [CUSTOM XCI] [Hidden Content] English Size: 90MB OneDrive [Hidden Content] 1Fichier [Hidden Content]
  15. Firmware 8.X+ Akash Path of the Five [01009A800F0C8000][v0] [NSP] [Hidden Content] Repack [Hidden Content] Akash Path of the Five [01009A800F0C8000][v0] [XCI] [Hidden Content] English Size: 2GB OneDrive [Hidden Content] 1FIchier [Hidden Content]
  16. unknowncipher

    Switch gallery crashing

    is ur sd card FAT32 or exFAT?
  17. So it wasn't the main boss. The last boss is the "core". You can choose to merge and let that be the end of the game or choose to destroy the core. If you destroy the core you get some bonus levels. The last level cannot be completed. I tried with and without the patch it makes no difference. You hit 4 pyramids that shoot beams of light to the core. When you do the final attack to finish off the core the game goes into slow-mo. You can rotate the center core and blocks in real time though. The bottom lights up a circle but without the A button to continue. The screen dims and everything continues to go into slow mo until you close the game. You can't access menus your just locked out. I even tried to do it the hard way without touching the pyramids and chipping away at the core. It still wont let me continue.
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