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  2. add Sol Divide Sword of Darkness Update v1 0 2 NSW-SUXXORS GUNBIRD2 Update v1 0 2 NSW-SUXXORS
  3. Thank you man ! Update and base game has the same link (the update one), can you correct the base game link please ?
  4. You can copy to your drive and download
  5. quota has been reached google drive
  7. mrdanny, the update is for the wrong title ID XXXX16000! Maybe this is a different region? Do you have the 1.0.3 update for XXXX48000? Or base game for title ID XXXX16000 that matches this scene release update Thanks in advance!!
  8. nemesis222

    Resident Evil Collection - By Rockfello

    thanks a lot man..
  9. areola777

    Darkwood + Update (Eshop)

    Muchas Gracias!!
  10. hdd3k

    Resident Evil Collection - By Rockfello

    merci à toi
  12. kickthemall

    Resident Evil (NSP + XCI) ## VIDEO PROOF ##

    Thank you very much.
  13. I'm confused I downloaded the XCI which is 5 gb and it only has the original Guilty Gear? It's not even high def how can it be 5 gb I thought it had both games? Nevermind I see now when you load the xci it gives two slots to choose each game, which i didn't even know was possible.
  14. 39 Days to Mars[0100AF400C4CE800][][v65536] Update Direct Link:- [Hidden Content] Hell Warders[0100A2100BFCE800][][v131072] Update Direct Link:- [Hidden Content] テニス ワールドツアー[01003AA00A8E2800][][v327680] Update Direct Link:- [Hidden Content] Follow Me To See All My Uploads and Updates....
  15. Today
  16. snail, your the best. its great that you offer xci format (which i prefer) and that you provide multiple links in case we get "quota exceeded" Long live the SNAIL!!!!
  17. Rockfello

    Resident Evil Collection - By Rockfello

    You are welcome man. Enjoy the collection.
  18. nice one... thankz TurboSnail... XD
  19. Aces of the Luftwaffe Squadron Update v1 0 7 NSW SUXXORS Direct Link:- [Hidden Content] Aces.of.the.Luftwaffe.Squadron.eShop.NSW-BigBlueBox Direct Link:- [hide] [Hidden Content]] Follow Me To See All My Uploads and Updates....
  20. what is the difference between the two versions?
  21. wow, looks nice. Do you think virtua tennis 1/2 are possible?
  22. No problem mate I know that feel hahah😁 RE-UPLOADED QUOTA LIMIT RESTARTED
  23. Truberbrook Update v1 0 3 NSW VENOM v131072 Direct Link:- [Hidden Content] Trüberbrook eSHOP [0100E6300D448000][v0] Direct Link:- [Hidden Content] Follow Me To See All My Uploads and Updates....
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