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  2. Batman12345

    (Solved) Updated to 8.1.0 (Lots of game not launching)

    How did u fix it?I'm having the same issue using sxos.
  3. Clue The Classic Mystery Game Update v2.5.0 Download Cytus Alpha Update v1.0.5 Download Deemo Update v1.6.0 Download Family Computer Nintendo Switch Online Update v3.1.0 Download NES Nintendo Switch Online Update v3.1.0 Download VOEZ Update v1.7 Download
  4. thanks so much for the upload
  5. Today
  6. you're the best.. and you know that.. thanks..
  7. angelhp

    Demo Dragon Quest Xi

    Waiting ...
  8. Dark26

    Demo Dragon Quest Xi

    I hope someone can upload demo with free DLC
  9. Batman12345

    Update Issue

    After i updated my switch to FW 8.1.0 using ChoiDujourNX the games on the internal storage of my switch are not launching and showing corrupted data but the games on the SD card are working fine.Is there any fix for this issue? Thanks
  10. NSW3239 - MUSYNX_Update_v1.1.4_NSW-SUXXORS NSW3240 - Diablo_III_Eternal_Collection_Update_v2.6.6.61204_NSW-VENOM NSW3241 - Dyna_Bomb_Update_v1.0.5_NSW-SUXXORS NSW3242 - Nintendo_Entertainment_System_Nintendo_Switch_Online_INTERNAL_Update_v3.1.0_NSW-SUXXORS NSW3243 - Family_Computer_Nintendo_Switch_Online_INTERNAL_JPN_Update_v3.1.0_JPN_NSW-SUXXORS NSW3244 - Clue_The_Classic_Mystery_Game_Update_v2.5.0_NSW-SUXXORS NSW3245 - VOEZ_Update_v1.7_NSW-SUXXORS NSW3246 - Deemo_Update_v1.6.0_NSW-SUXXORS NSW3247 - Cytus_Alpha_Update_v1.0.5_NSW-SUXXORS [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] - Complete -
  11. Hi mrdanny1975, I got "the software was closed because an error occurred", my switch on emunand 8.1.0. Any clue to resolve it? Thanks
  12. iginzzz

    Demo Dragon Quest Xi

    Yes please! The save can be kept for the real game in september !
  13. momokiko1

    Rad [ GOOGLE DRIVE ]

    thanks a lot
  14. Link420


    IN-VERT [010003A00EA90000] [NSP] [Hidden Content]
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