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  1. Past hour
  2. Dragons Lair Trilogy didn’t work, the nsp is incomplete and won’t install.
  3. TROGO

    New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (NSP/XCI) [MF-MG-GD]

    XCI links are down
  4. Potlick

    diabling autoRCM

    thanks 👍 i just use reiNX to switch autoRCM off
  5. Thanks to all , correct the NSP this time is corrupt, re-upping a fresh copy now give me 20 mins and will have fresh copy available...
  6. it says Bad password here for NSP section. is it only here?
  7. Today
  8. When i put my SD card on computer it doesn't show folder sxos. I tried creating it and putting unzipped folder there but when i start NES aplication it doesn't read any games except official ones. That's why. I am having trouble starting those games even though i have read instructions and since this is the forum and community i figureed someone could help me out. But thank you for your very productive post.
  9. Hi, could you add : Death_Squared_Update_v1.3.0_NSW-SUXXORS Thanks
  10. Celeste [Hidden Content] Hollow Knight [Hidden Content] Stikbold a Dogeball Story [Hidden Content]
  11. what did not work for you !!!?
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