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Nintendo News

Nintendo-related News and Deals

Rules for Posting News

There are a few specific rules and guidelines to follow for posting news articles and reviews in the Newsstand category.

  1. Do not use any swearing or obscene language in the opening post. This is because this post will be displayed on DU's portal, the front page. If you have something you need to say that you feel needs some of those words included, please post it as a comment after the article.
  2. Although news articles are primarily posted by News Hounds, anyone may post a news article if it follows these guidelines.
  3. News is not to be considered "reserved" for anyone. First person to find and post the article posts it and that is that. Please do not fight about this, especially in the public shoutbox.
  4. If an article includes outside links, either reformat their article and place those links inside hide tags, or remove them altogether.
  5. You must include a source (not linked) at the bottom of the article, before your own comments. Example - Source: NintendoLife