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Wii U

Wii U Games & Homebrew

Posting Procedure for Downloads

1. You MUST enclose ANY links in hide tags

Example: [hide] http://google.com [/hide]

2. You MUST also add the file host as the Item prefix tag.

Additional tags are encouraged, but not required. If your topic contains content on multiple hosts please use "MULTI" as the Item prefix tag and add all file hosts used as additional tags. Remember, tags help members find your content easier!

For additional help and information: Information on Topic Tags

3. Topics containing Premium Only links MUST be tagged with the "Premium" tag


  1. Wii U Games

    Wii U Games

  2. Wii U Homebrew

    Wii U Homebrew

  3. Wii U Requests

    Requests for new content for the Wii U

  4. Wii U Help

    Help and Support for Nintendo Wii U related issues