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(Warning)Vita Vpks that Brick your vita are surfacing online! (Warning)

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I feel that it is important and vital to post this here just incase

Bottom line is that maidump is different to vitamin since its does not dump in vpk and does not make them safe like vitamin

so you need to make vpk after dumping a game in maidump,

chances are it has nothing to do with maidump more likely the uploader but caution is advised


Source gbatemp and VitaPiracy

(Warning)Vita Vpks that Brick your vita are surfacing online! (Warning)

This just was announced over on Reddit at /VitaPiracy

Apparently a Reddit User uploaded TWO vpks earlier today which were:

"Fruit Ninja [US] [TESTED] [MAIDUMP]"

"kung fu rabbit - tested working - maidump v233.2z8"

Those unfortunate pirates who downloaded said Vpks and installed them have been had meaning that their Ps Vitas have been BRICKED PERMENANTLY!.

So be EXTRA Cautious when it comes to using backups guys!

Here is a explanation of what happened in more detail:

"Technical explanation from /u/tuxdude143;

I have been analysing the vpks along with a friend and we have found that both of them make calls to OS0. The particular cause for concern is how they call for OS0 to be mounted along with OS0:KD and VS0. Now once those are mounted it basically just wipes them clean. The consequence is the vita had no operating system to boot at all, nor does it even have any drivers to interface with any of the components (which are contained in OS0:KD. Basically the result is an UNRECOVERABLE BRICK which leaves the nand completely wiped and unbootable.

Consider it the first ever serious vita virus"

"Been analysing this with a friend and from what we have found out it seems the mai.suprx mounts some rather odd things, namely vs0 and os0 before nuking vs0, os0 and most destructively, os0:KD aka the driver directory"

The user who uploaded said .vpks definately did so with malicious intent so id be extra weary when installing .vpks

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