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[MEGA][USB] Games Collection EUR - 106 games - Skylanders Imaginators and Call of Duty Black Ops II (Update 12/5/16/)

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wii party u wont start, whenever I try to start the game, it always says "make sure there's no cd inserted, pls eject cd then restart the console and try again". even though I don't have cd inserted on my wii u. I tried to restart and do it again for several times but same error showing. my Wii u is already region free, I also tried installing it on usb and nand but same error shows. should I DL it again? anyone having the same problem?

and mario party 10, when I start the game it doesn't show any processing loading, didn't ask if I want to update game, i just show the mario party 10 picture and my wii u console stops working. I have mario party 10 loadiine game its size is 10+gb and this wup is 3gb only, so I think this file is incomplete, maybe thats the reason why it wont play. too bad. I hope   the uploader reupload it and I wish he also upload The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Wii u! THANKS!!!!

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Gracias por el aportazo de nuevo, una duda que tengo , que diferencia hay entre el new supermario bros u , y new super luigi u

Y en el que van juntos???

No entiendo porque  los que van solos creo recordar que no llegan ni a 4 gigas, y sin embargo el que vienen los dos juntos son 13.6 gigas, son diferentes??? , mas calidad???


Gracias por las respuestas de antemano, un saludo.

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