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[MF] Mastershoes' DU Themed Emulator Forwarder Channels v2.1

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Dude these turned out so unified and awesome I might even actually use them!! (sidenote) I personally hate using channels so that is a big compliment +rep

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This is soooo, going to be the first ever theme install...Looks great and no searching all over for channels.

Holy man i am going to rep all over... maybe even rep you a new one!


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Man, they look fantastic!

Ar there any emulators that you're missing?

Actually JJ, I've been downloading a couple i didn't have, and the BlueMSX-wii is actually pretty cool, and has a pretty sweet gui to. Almost matches the theme, lol. I already made a forwarder for it, I'm cuttin' a loop now. I'll get it up sometime tomorrow er maybe tonight. That'll put it up to a full two wii pages of emus. Woot! And thank you all for the nice shiz you say. Much appreciated :blush:

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Awesome possum!


Groovy Beaver!? :teehee:

These channels are awesome!!

Thanks, glad you like 'em man!

Yetanotherupdate: Oh yeah, and the WiiApple forwarder has been put up too. Woot!

Edited by mastershoes
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