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[MF] ScummVM v1.7.0 Emulator / 202 Roms / 2 Forwarders BIG UPDATE 01-16-15

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Dude this is a great setup you did. You did it all complete with a channel. You are way cool bro! That is so nice of you. It's those little extras that really make it special like the .ini file & such. By the way, I will use my SD. I got a 32GB SDHC & I have all the old school stuff on it. This is next. Thanks so much. I would love to see someone do it for the WiiXL too.

What is the brand of the 32gb sdhc card. I know certain ones work better than others. Also is there certain ones that might access the info faster than other ones. Now im just usin my hdd and just a 2g sd for stuff that isn't compatible on anything but an sd.

Sorry I had a couple of weeks of crazy & now my computer is fixed. The 32GB SDHC is use is Kingston & is also a class 10 - blue label like water - you can find on Amazon.com for $31 including shipping & it works great & faster than any other 32GB SDHC I've used. It's a screaming deal.

Now that Mastershoes' Ultimate Emulators are so big that I am close to maxing out my 32GB so I am putting this ScummVM one on my USB but totally worth it.

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