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hybrid -x1

[Wii U] Compilation of WiiU Tutorials (From Setting Rednand/Sysnand CFW to Installing Stuff) + Regionhax Installer -Noob friendly- &Pirate WiiU GAMES *Updated 12-15-16*

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On 15/12/2016 at 8:08 AM, hybrid -x1 said:

Hey FGR! Long time buddy. It's all okay with me.

I knew I had screwed up my tags and stuff so I was hoping a mod would fix it ;D

I hope one day you can do and upload some crazy AF NSMBW-U customs xD

Hey, yeah it has been too long, tags can be a tricky thing the odd time! 


Yeah I was hoping to make one and i actually did make 2 levels which are in the dev section but its just very awkward right now due to the lack of proper tools

its very difficult to make nsmbu levels due to issues of current editor reggie wiiu and also lacks features to what wii customs can do right now

my idea was to do a re-design of one of my old customs but much more expanded version of retro heaven - a mixture of retro remake levels mashed in together

there is an editor called satoru editor in the makes but still no public release seeing different things from its still buggy or it wont be released till after newer u is.

i do hope it will be released soon because wii customs are pretty much dead as there is very little hype or interest lots of people moved to super mario maker

(great game but it is a shame because there is a difference since it lacks custom music tilesets etc...)

and with the nintendo switch being not too far away people could be not as interested in nsmbu customs before they even arrive especially if nintendo does something

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