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Hello all,

I made a small tool called WudMerge wich will do the following :

Get a wudump structure from SD/USB/HD and merge the files together to a wud. No need to copy first all your files from SD to pc just load direct from your dumped media. After this wud2app will be started and a USB-Install will be made from the wud. Also the directory created will have the gametitle and region displayed. Next version will also offer to copy the generated USB-Install back to SD:\install and/or create a WUX from it automatic with WudCompress.

Extract the archive and copy your wud2app.exe to this program dir because it's needed and not mine. Also this is based on wudump 1.3, so make sure to use at least this version or the common.key will not be dumped and that's needed.


  • Start the program and select with the windows file requester the source wud (game_part1.wud)
  • Select with the path requester the destination on HD where you want the wud to be created.
  • Now the wud will be merged and when succesfull , the USB-Install creation with wud2app will begin, so you just have to wait and can do other stuff ;)



  • optional automatic copy back to SD:\install after processing USB-Install (eventually asking or setting with .ini to remove wudump SD files first to make space for it)
  • optional automatic WUX creation from WUD
  • optional CRC32/MD5/SHA1 checking with more speed....
  • Nice Windows GUI
  • User suggested options


Current Version : 1.0.5

Now also MD5 checks are done (on the fly!) for single parts and final WUD against the wudump hash text files!

Download Link

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