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How about you keep the removed games on the list, but crossed or on a different colour ? It would be easier to see the progress.

How do codes work ? I don't see WiiVC games for download anywhere, I've searched for several games that are supposed to be available (Pandora's Tower, Wario Land, Kirby's Epic Yarn), but found nothng.

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Most of the games are available using a PC software called WiiU USB Helper; you need to know how WiiU USB Helper works, unfortunately this thread is not about WiiU USB Helper so I will not provide info about that. If a game is not listed inside WiiU USB Helper the reasons are 3:

1 - title was released at the title key site only few hours/days ago: you need to wait for an update (it is updated really often)

2 - title was an old dump never released to the title key site: you need to find a download link for it and that link may contain a bad dump (usually .xml files inside \code folder data can be wrong: they are good dumps if the cos.xml file size is 4 o 5Kbs, if it is 2Kbs only it is a bad dump)

3 - title was never released with its key nor dumped - usually most of those titles (if not all) are present on my missing list. If you find some missing title inside the missing list please report them here !

About the "strike out" on the no-more missing titles you are right, I will need to find the bbcode to do it, thank you for the suggestion : ) 


EDIT: found the strike out bbcode and used for Runbow Deluxe Edition (thanks to @qaa for the info!).
From now on I will use the strike out and I will not reply to show the removed missing titles from the list, so just look into the 1st post for updates  (thanks to @Ligeia for this good idea) ; )

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Thanks asper. I'm currently trying USB Helper and it looks awesome ! I think Fist Of The North Star - Ken's Rage 2 (EUR) is missing from your list as it doesn't show up anywhere.

Never mind, I found it :)


Edited by Ligeia
requested game that I finally found afterwards.
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On 23/1/2017 at 5:07 PM, wikaoul said:

thanks but I don't get it? How to download ?

They are unreleased games, you cannot download them. Please read the whole thread.

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