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Tag Is The Exclusive Graffiti Application For PS Vita

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Tag ([email protected]) is a new concept of Sony introduced for PlayStation Vita. You will be able to create graffiti, and to place them around your virtual city using the GPS. Moreover, you will also be able to replace other people’s tags with your own.

While this is a fun application that will be liked by many users, and wee are also expecting some competitions and small wars to place the graffiti around the city, it is a pity that Sony won’t allow obscene words. On the other hand, it was a preventive measurement of Sony: an application allowing obscene words might be eXx1l3d in some countries, and some people might even sue the company.

By eliminating the obscene words, Sony makes sure that Tag won’t have any legal problems, and the application will be accepted everywhere. Moreover, wee are sure that independent developers will solve this problem fast, by adding some patches and modifying the application.

Check out the video below to find out "What is Tag, and how does it work?" :

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source: endlessparadigm

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Ok, now just take that concept of Augmented Reality, and add a pair of shades with LCD screens in them, then oh shit... You don'T know what's real or not around you! God, just another reason to get me a PSVita!!! xD

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Aw man psv is gonna be a hit for sure cant wait to get my hands on one!!!!

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