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Wii Games Collection (DLC - WiiWare - Virtual Console)

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I tried loading this into my Wii (not wii u, I dont know if it was meant for that instead, thats my guess on the problem) but it didnt load right. The top half of the screen is shrunk to fit the whole game screen while the bottom half of the screen is flashy green lights. I have also downloaded antoher wad from another user that is a custom injection that did the same thing. I have used Wads many times without this problem, so does anyone know of the cause of it?

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Great link.... the photos on the 1fichier guide don't work... also has anyone done a separate zip for EUROPE/USA/JAP?

But great list and thanks for supporting the scene :)


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Awesome link! But it's missing some regions' dlcs like the ones for Phoenix wright ace attorney in italian and in french, can you add them? (there is the standard version of those two regions that I mencioned)

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