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Duplex Release Fix For Battlefield 3 PS3

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Duplex have done some great stuff recently by releasing a heck load of psn games

and now this truely amazing but hopefully there will be more fixes soon

also that someone leaked a fix for uncharted 3 by the way

hoping for batman arkham city :)


P R O U D L Y P R E S E N T S: Battlefield 3 - CFW 3.55 Eboot patch

Date: 10/2011 Languages: English

Platform: PS3 Genre: Action

Release Info:

DUPLEX has done it again - here's an eboot patch to play the retail Disc

based version from your hdd - on CFW 3.55 !!

We would usually just support BLUS30762 (Dcomics release!) , since we do

not acknowledge lame region dupes. It's just a waste of traffic unless the

nfo clearly states a difference to the first release (like different or

additional languages etc)

But since the BLES01275 dupe contains several new languages, we added a patch

for it too

Included are updates, cracks and param.sfo's for both

versions: BLUS30762 and BLES01275

1.) copy BLUS or BLES files to a FAT32 USB Key/USB Disk

2.) install the *DUPLEX*.Patch.v1.01.pkg

3.) install the *DUPLEX*.Crack.pkg

4.) run game from multiman and let it patch your param.sfo

(alternatively take the one from our pack and replace it manually)

5.) play from xmb on your cfw 3.55 !

Enjoy This Fine DUPLEX Release - BETA code free


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That's fantastic news man!!!!

Great game :)

*I made a copy of this thread in the ps3 games forum ;)

Yes ,it would be awesome if duplex start releasing ps3 game fixes

there's just so many new games been wanting to play the list is huge

i wonder what the next few days will bring hopefully we'll see load of fixes

although the ones i want the most is batman ac, deus ex and a fully working one for uncharted 3

hopefully this will last for a good while

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