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[MEGA] Decrypted 3DS Collection For Citra + UNDUB, Uncensored, Updates, DLC | Update 4/12

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Rumble Blast USA is Rumble World US, and it doesn't boot (not sure if that's because Rumble World doesn't work). Poke X US is X EU. None of the EU games have worked for me, but this is my first time on Citra, on a 4 day old build. Every US game I've tried (~9) has at least booted though. I tried both auto region and preset regions, and I tried all of the Enlgish inclusive regions.

Edit: The EU versions didn't work because I hadn't done the 3DS data dump Citra requires yet. If anyone needs that, btw, you can PM me - and I'm thinking of posting a link here. Citra doesn't really cover that aspect very well (and their consumer service is shit, and their entire community is slightly douchy, nothing like Cemu's).

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