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GPD XD Setup Tutorial - Using Legacy Rom

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*Guide in progress*

Intro: I think the gpdxd is a great device it can emulate many systems very well play android games and use other apps aswell.

- Legacy Rom


Hidden Content

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Hidden Content

    Like this post to see the hidden content.

Step 1- Extract the rar file

Step 2- Go into the "RKDriverInstaller" folder and run "DriverInstall.exe"

*Make sure you run it as admin*

Step 3- Click on Install driver then once its completed exit the program

Step 4- Connect your gpd android with a usb cable to your pc

*Make sure its completely off*

Step 5- On the root of the download run "RKBatchTool.exe"

*Make sure you run it as admin*

Step 6- For FW Patch browse and select the file "update.img" included in download

*Make sure info is displayed in the boxes below FW Patch after selecting the file*

Step 7- There should be one green box for connected devices if so click on "upgrade"

to start the flashing process

*Make sure your pc does not switch off and dont disconnect the cable*

Step 8- Once it completes exit the program and turn on your gpd android


- Setting up GPD with emulators and useful apps



Needs no introduction , really useful for emulating various systems in particular ones that dont get any real benefit from using a standalone emulator


For whatever reason it did not appear for me in the playstore 

I had to install an apk but then i did not have sound but then it did appear in the playstore

so uninstall from there then re install straight afterwards and everything is working


Google Play Store (Free)

Mupen64Plus FZ Edition

This emulator still gets updated, its free legit and runs well.

Google Play Store


great emulator which I almost prefer it on android

*Some minor configuring needed for controls*


Google Play Store (Paid)


runs amazingly well and its free

Google Play Store (Free)


being able to play dreamcast games like Shenume on the go epic!

Google Play Store (Free)


Great emulator although its paid or you can use lucky patcher with an apk

APK + (Lucky Patcher):

Google Play Store (Paid)


Useful Apps:

ES File Explorer

Better than the regular file explorer

Google Play Store (Free)


Lucky Patcher

Needed if dont want to pay for apps like DraStic and maybe others




Really useful media center and works well on the gpd

then with the mini hdmi to hdmi you can have it on your tv

Google Play Store (Free)


- Making it look better

TV Launcher

New Launcher which in my opinion looks nicer and easy to customise to my taste / needs

its free with ads or paid with no ads (ads are not intrusive)

ARC Browser

Front End For Emulators its paid but you can grab a hacked apk

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