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August 2017 - Member of the Month

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The Staff would like to announce our 38th Member of the Month

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                                                            Sig courtesy of @Normanity

@ExNihilo joined DarkUmbra in May 2016.

A couple of months ago ExNihilo made contact for guidance regarding uploading games and since then has started indexes in the NTSCU, PAL, CUSTOM and DEMO sections.

Nothing spectacular about that, it’s true. Many uploaders have done this in the past. What makes ExNihilo stand out though is the fact that the games being shared are probably nowhere else to be found on DU – in fact, many of them are almost impossible to find anywhere.

We are sure all Wii fans out there still cherish the great console from Nintendo and many of you will be grateful that someone has taken the time and effort to post some sought after gems.

@ExNihilo – I thank you for all you efforts and I am delighted to be the first to congratulate you on becoming our 38th Member of the Month.

Can I ask other members to give your congratulations in the usual manner by posting a reply below.


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@ExNihilo - Good Job :)

Gonna check your uploads soon. Keep up the good work :P I know it's hard so don't give up! 

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w00t! thx so much! couldn't have done it/doing it without your help @Normanity you @bouncingbaby, and @Larsenv have helped me so much with getting all my post and such in order here.  and big thx to all the people that take the time to comment "thank you" and the like.  without all of this i couldn't keep going.  

this place has given me so much it's only right i give back so feel free to pm me anytime or if you have Wii request go to the request section and put [exNihilo] in the topic of the post and i'll do my best to check it weekly and fulfill it.  i keep odd erratic hours and i do my best to check in everyday at least once so you shouldn't have to wait to long to hear back from me anytime. and like Normanity eloquently said i'm trying to plug the missing holes in official Wii games here in every region and add as much to the custom collection as i can. and also like he said i have a collection of tons that can't be found anywhere here on the net.  so whether you just want to play some new Wii games or if your a digital collector of Wii games, you are in the right place :) 


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thx guys, love the site and just want to make it the best i can with what i've gots :)  learning some new tricks, how to fabricate covers and such that are not on the normal databases atm.  if i can ever get my finances in order i'll get a level 3 mega account and that should allow me to just have one account sharing everything i have for the wii. we can all have a dream right lol.

loved making this collection with all the hunting down and bid wars and such over the years.  that is what makes me so happy to be sharing these to help others avoid all headaches and breaking of the bank lol.


thank you all so much again,

- exNihilo

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