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a few questions about nintendont

3 posts in this topic

1. can i use a gamecube mic for mario party 6&7 (if i can, how do i do it)

2. can i use the gba to gamecube cable for legend of zelda 4 swords

3. can i use a dance mat for ddr mario mix 


4. how do i use a forwarder so i can play on the wii u gamepad without it freezing when i press the home button

any help would be very helpful

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1) The mic is only supported on the Wii models that have the gamecube ports built in, according to Fix94's github for nintendont.

2) Same thing here. It's listed as a Wii only feature.

3) I'm assuming you can use the dance mat as it should just be a regular controller laid out in a custom way.

4) I've personally had no experience setting up a forwarder, or injecting a forwarder into a wii u installable channel that points to nintendont on the sd card, but I have been able to inject nintendont itself into the channel and have it run just fine. The downside to this is that you have to re-inject nintendont anytime there are new releases if you want to update it. But if the game works fine, meh. Google TeconMoon's wiivc injector. That's what I use and it works pretty well.

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i have one more question i am using vwii mode to play nintendon't and i've ran out of 251 block memory card space what do i do now

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