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DashLaunch v3.00 Released

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c0z has been away from the Xbox Scene for quite a while. In fact, it's been two whole months since we last covered him on the site. So what's new with DashLaunch?

Since the last release, c0z has been rewriting the code entirely. There has not been any new features added to DashLaunch but instead has improved accessibility. As you know, DashLaunch is an application available for jtagged and RGH'd boxes that allows you to boot into a specified homebrew app or dashboard. Here's the changelog detailing everything.


- as with V1->V2 this is a nearly complete restructure and rewrite, expect bugs

- rewrote all hooks and tasks to be unhookable/stopable

- installer can now unload any existing v3 xex and/or start dash launch without rebooting console

- installing over v2 or installing patch updates still requires reboot

- setup exports for managing all options from external programs

- stop exception recovery from firing a new launch/bubble message more than once in a ~4s window

- add ‘configapp’ path, if it exists going to miniblades -> system settings will start this program

- rewrote installer a little to be marginally better

- ini category [quicklaunchbuttons] is now simply [paths]

- add ‘nonetstore’ option (hides network storage in disk dialogs)

- hook XexpVerifyXexHeaders and XexpLoadImage to detect retail encrypted xex with bad signature

and fix the image key (thanks Anthony!)

- safereboot is no longer tied to fatalfreeze, reboot requests when this is set to false will be redirected to jtag friendly (but hard on hardware) methods

- added in glitch2 patches, restructured embedded patch sets to be a munged file instead of individual

- fixed fakelive to get past app gold check (still does not work, can’t connect to server) and no longer

try to reply to profile info requests with a hardcoded online xuid

- added french translation – thanks to Razkar!

- added portugese translation – thanks to SpkLeader!

Still great to see updates being made to DashLaunch. If it's an app being used by you, then you can be sure to see some more updates, now that the code rewrite is done. Remember that this version of DashLaunch is in it's beta stage, so make sure to report any issues you may be experiencing.

source: xbox360.dashhacks.com

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