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[SO] 890+ PS4 Game Collection (Daily Updates)

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Posted (edited)


New Added 16.06.2018:
The Order 1886 PS4 EUR MULTi CUSA00076 - MarvTM 32.32 GB
Yakuza Zero PS4 EUR Englisch CUSA05133 - iND 22.19 GB
Godzilla PS4 EUR MULTi CUSA02058 - DUPLEX 7.03 GB
Diablo III Reaper of Souls PS4 EUR MULTi CUSA00433 - GCMR 39.56 GB

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Posted (edited)

New Added 16.06.2018:

World of Final Fantasy PS4 EUR MULTi CUSA04548 - PROTOCOL 7.95 GB

Tekken 7 PS4 EUR MULTi CUSA06014 - BlaZe 38.14 GB 


Uncharted 4 A Thiefs End PS4 EUR MULTi CUSA00918 - Playable 59.27 GB

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New Added 18.06.2018:

Assassins Creed Freedom Cry PS4 EUR MULTi CUSA00435 - DUPLEX 6.67 GB
Gundam Versus and DLC PS4 EUR MULTi CUSA08799 - iND 22.18 GB
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT PS4 EUR MULTi CUSA09244 - iND 20.45 GB
Bully: Canis Canem Edit PS4 EUR MULTi CUSA03551 - iND 2.67 GB
The Deadly Tower of Monsters PS4 EUR MULTi CUSA01998 - DUPLEX 1.10 GB
RIGS Mechanized Combat League PS4 USA Englisch CUSA02983 - DUPLEX 17.15 GB
Child of Light PS4 EUR MULTi CUSA00074 - DUPLEX 2.11 GB
Amnesia Collection PS4 EUR MULTi CUSA05457 - DUPLEX 3.31 GB
Tiny Troopers Joint Ops PS4 EUR MULTi CUSA00540 - DUPLEX 1.08 GB
Everybodys Gone To The Rapture PS4 EUR MULTi CUSA01511 - DUPLEX 5.44 GB
Pillars of Eternity Complete Edtion PS4 USA Englisch CUSA06915 - iND 16.61 GB


New Added 17.06.2018:

Everspace PS4 EUR MULTi CUSA10572 - DUPLEX 4.41 GB
EVE Valkyrie PS4 EUR MULTi CUSA05789 - DUPLEX 5.47 GB
Exist Archive The Other Side of the Sky PS4 USA Englisch CUSA04726 - DUPLEX 4.65 GB
Flynn and Freckles PS4 EUR MULTi CUSA09872 - DUPLEX 2.09 GB
Tekken 7 v1 12 PATCH PS4 EUR MULTi CUSA06014 - Playdox 4.92 GB
Far Cry Primal PS4 EUR MULTi CUSA03309 - MarvTM 10.6 GB
Far Cry 4 PS4 EUR MULTi CUSA00462 - MarvTM 23.63 GB
Minecraft PS4 Edition PS4 EUR MULTI CUSA00265 - MarvTM 171.43 MB
The Last Guardian PS4 MULTI CUSA03745 - DUPLEX 12.01
Dying Light PS4 EUR MULTI CUSA02010 - MarvTM 12.01 GB
Bloodborne PS4 EUR MULTI CUSA000207 - DUPLEX 29.19 GB

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yo mate thx for your uploading games and updates but i need US region Game Update or DLCs so how do i get


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New Added 20.06.2018:

Assassins Creed Origins Deluxe PS4 EUR MULTi7 CUSA05625 - DUPLEX 73.32 GB
Blue Reflection PS4 EUR Englisch CUSA09047 - DUPLEX 16.42 GB
Motor Strike Immortal Legends PS4 EUR MULTi CUSA06406 - DarKmooN 2.48 GB
Dex Enhanced Version PS4 EUR MULTi CUSA04283 - DUPLEX 1.43 GB
Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash PS4 EUR Englisch CUSA08343 - iND 9.87 GB
Under Night In-Birth Exe Late [st] PS4 EUR Englisch CUSA09420 - iND 3.49 GB

Assassins Creed Origins Deluxe PS4 EUR MULTi7 CUSA05625 - DUPLEX

Release Notes:


This release is packed for our previous releases :

- Assassins.Creed.Origins.PS4-DUPLEX
- Assassins.Creed.Origins.Update.v1.41.PS4-DUPLEX

Install these first! Then install any of the pkgs below.

We cooked no less than 27 pkgs for our ACO release :

- The Deluxe Pack DLC : The Hidden Ones
- The Deluxe Pack DLC : The Curse of the Pharaohs
- Roman Centurion Pack
- Horus Pack

Many weapons :

- The Season Pass's exclusive weapon : Calamity Blade
- 5 preorder weapons

The 6 available audio language packs :

- German
- Spanish
- French
- Italian
- Brazilian Portuguese
- Russian

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