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[4S] Official Dark Umbra Android App

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New Icon? Is it the one I made?

No, It's this one. I actually rounded the corners and saved it as a different file, but before I added it in to the last apk compile, I deleted the wrong one and didn't feel like fighting with it again, lol. I recompiled that app like 20 times last time testing stuff and redownloading it to my Thrive over and over until I finally had it working the way I wanted, then I finally added it to the marketplace. I made a white icon cuz the other one was harder to see with the dark default background on my tablet and I'm sure it was the same with most other tablets and phones.


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Small fix added to marketplace to fix a shoutbox issue. Should be ready for download from the Google Play store in an hour or 2, after it is approved by Google and added. Just a heads up in case some of you don't do auto updates.

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