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SX OS from Team-Xecuter is now out in the Wild!

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hybrid -x1    758
Posted (edited)

Ahh FGR good on you for posting this.

A bit of info on running backups on SX/OS: Running backups with online (multiplayer) results in a error (ban) but only for that specific game (backup). So say you have Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (BACKUP) that you downloaded off the internet then you'll get the error (ban) on that specific dump. If you however own a REAL (physical) copy of MK8D and you run it after you'll be able to play it online.

So in other words non online multiplayer games are good to run EX: breath of the wild, mario odyssey, i am setsuna, ETC.

Keep in mind you can technically still run online multplayer games BUT only in their offline modes.  I also read that some newer versions of switch games that are CART2 can't be run with the SX/OS yet and that Team Xecutor is already working on an update for us on that.


EDIT: apparently if you dump your own games that you actually own you can run them online if they have a multiplayer and you won't get error'd (ban). Still keep in mind that doing any of this can result in a ban regardless. Correct me on any of this community if you come across other info


EDIT 2: So SX/OS got a 1.1 update and with that I read that you are able to use a REAL game's cert and inject it into ANY backup and you'll be able to play said backups online if they have a multiplayer. This is pretty sweet. I'm going to use my REAL breath of the wild game cart's cert and inject it into every "backup" I have that has an online multiplayer lol

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