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Need help creating emuNAND

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 Im trying to run wiiware games as channels with the wads i have. I have about 20 wads. can only install about 5 before the wii runs out of memory. I dont have usb loader gx or wiiflow. I run everything from sd card.


Can i get these 20 wads to show as channels and have them run from my sd card somehow?

Im assuming i need to do this emunand thing but its a bit confusing.


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I heard a thing that works with emunand called SNEEK. I also want to know how to do this. There isn't really any detailed video guide out there that I could find that could make it easier for me to understand and how to do this.

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i would assume go into settings and move the channels so they are saved on the sd card if it will allow it .....personally i have just put them into the original loaders like vbagx and genplus gx i have looked up cover support and such so that all games show up and have nice covers wiiflow is pretty good for everything but a pain in the a$$ with covers

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