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Xecuter Fusion v1.0.9 Released

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Xecuter Fusion v1.0.9 Released

What is Fusion?

Fusion is a hacked devkit kernel that runs on retail RGH hacked consoles. Think of it as a modified OS for your xbox console. It brings you all the features and capabilities of a real devkit without all of the annoyances. Fusion is more powerful than any normal devkit or modified retail console. It is designed for both developers, and gamers, bringing the best of both worlds together .

For Gamers

Fusion may be designed on a kernel made for developers, but there are many features exclusively for gamers:
  • No system-link ping limit, can also system link with both retail and devkit consoles
  • Can use both retail and devkit gamer profiles. saves, and game content
  • Boot straight to your dashboard of choice
  • No restrictions on games or content
  • No region checks
  • Arcade games are fully licensed all the time
  • Multi-disc games can be ran off the hard drive with no insert disc messages
  • Built in trainer launcher
  • Can easily boot xell, trainer launcher, and settings manager via custom tab on xbox guide
  • Games copied to hdd via dashboard no longer need the disc in the dvd drive to play
  • And much more…

For Developers

  • Because fusion is based on a devkit kernel developers may take advantage of all the features of a real devkit, as well as new features exclusively for fusion users:
  • Turns console into full devkit
  • Full debugging capabilities
  • Works with microsoft tools and sdk
  • All internal drives are mapping in Xbox Neighborhood
  • Xex security checks have been removed
  • Full memory access as well as hv privileged access
  • All system keys are accessible with user mode access
  • Can use both retail and devkit devices
  • And much more…

Who is Fusion For

Fusion is currently in its early stages of development which means there may or may not be bugs in the software, some standard features may not work as expected, and it may not be user friendly to everyone who uses it. It is recommended that you have a moderate understanding of basic RGH techniques, installation procedures for common homebrew software, and good problem solving skills. Everything you need to know as far as installing/updating and using fusion has been thoroughly documented in the included PDF. If you cannot follow the instructions then it is recommended you seek assistance online for installing and using fusion.

This version of Fusion has had a lot of bug fixes and updates to address all the issues that have given beta testers problems (we hope).

One thing we have to ask you to do is to start from a clean setup if you installed a previous version of Fusion (erase all Fusion directories and files and start from scratch).

There were many redundant files in the last setup that are not needed any more and may cause your system to crash. A clean install will solve this problem.

We should also remind all users that this is a BETA. If you are not prepared to deal with problems that occur with beta releases then do not use Fusion.

For the rest of the instructions please read the included PDF – it has been extensively updated and answers all questions.

Thank you for using Fusion

source: team-xecuter.com

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