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[MF] Genplus 1.7 Game Genie, Action Replay & Sonic & Knuckles chip

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This is nice, another add-on I had no idea I could use for genplus-gx and now full game genie support for my setup and sonic & knuckles goodness. Awesome job. Thanks!

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Nice :D

Good god is it hard to find the SK2chip.

It used to be cake back in the day before the widespread of pre-built roms.

Anyway thanks for that.

EDIT: Well crap, the rom in the download here is a faulty one. The real one is exactly 256KB, and it turns out you can rip the last 40000 bytes out of one of those combo roms on the internet to obtain it fairly easily.

For the lazy-

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required by genplusgx for functional Sonic 2 Lockon Support.

Edited by CheatFreak47
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