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[Wii] Wiiflow 3.1 (Mod) Installation and Setup By fledge68

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@mastershoes Awesome man Thanks for adding that, as well as for everything else smile.png

I wanted to post it a cpl days back, but was waiting on a reply from @Fledge68 XD.png


Thanks for this man, as well as joining DU and keeping this up to date :)

Edited by thatfloorguy
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This is great man!

I was always too lazy to mess around with plugins. I might now smile.png


JJ man, if you want, let me know what plugin's and shiz you want in your source menu (I can give you a list of your options), and i'll setup the whole shabang up for you and send it your way ready to go.

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@mastershoes Can I get in on that? lol

I haven't tried to set mine up yet, I read over it a cpl time XD.png

I'm thinking the main emulators (nes/snes/64/MS/Gen/VBAGX) and a media player like MPlayer, Wiimc or GeexBox.

Thanks in advance man!

Yeah, i'll hook you guys up... JJ, i can do that, do you want your vbagx split into 3 systems, or all in one?

TFG, let me know what your looking for too as far as setup is concerned. By the way, here's all thats currently available as plugins:






Game Gear

Sega Saturn







Virtual Boy


PC Engine (turbografx)



NeoGeo Pocket



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