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Bug Report Thread for NSMBW Customs


Is a boss getting stuck in the wall? Is there a bunch of coins that you can't collect when you touch them? Is a level causing your Wii to black screen or freeze? Then you've come to the right place! Here you can report a bug for any of the custom New Super Mario Bros Wii games that you can find on DU, and even the ones you can't. If you provide enough information and the issue can be avoided, we'll tell you how. If it can be fixed, you can be sure one of us can fix it. You can then replace the level yourself using WiiScrubber, or if you're using a Riivolution pack such as Newer Summer Sun or Cannon Super Mario Bros, that's even easier to replace the culprit file.

Please provide the following details when reporting your bug so that we can find and evaluate the issue. You can even copy and paste this template to your post and edit it to reflect the issue you've found.

Custom Game Name: [i.e. DUSMB: Find That Princess]

Level: [i.e. 1-1, 1-Tower]

Issue: [i.e. Game freezes, missing Star Coin]

Details: [i.e. When you enter the third pipe after the hammer bros the game freezes, the third star coin disappears if you collect the second star coin]

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17 answers to this question

Nice job Jason. This is what we need to get the testing DUSMBA done quicker. smile.png

This of course will certainly help us fix any issues we may have missed for DUSMBAE after release, but it's for any and all bugs in custom NSMBW games. :) All DUSMBAE testing before release will be done... within the Team. mario.gif

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First of all thanks for making this awesome game.
The mission does not work 3-3, 6-2 it is impossible to complete the mission because there is a large box (after the finish) that blocks the passage.

Finally, the mission of the World 8 are not modified.


Thanks Regards! :wave:

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