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[Wii] [Tutorial] How to inject VC games - Pro style :) [nasty spoilers inside]

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Yeah, took some time but I thought its time to share and let people create their own custom gaming awesomeness :)

First post updated with injecting tools :)

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Can I ask why W.XP is needed for srl?

I've modified srl games with Vista and W7.

Great guide. It's funny to see the different methods that can be used to create these. I make mine in a completely different way. it's great to see so many different methods to do this. I guess it's whatever you're more comfortable with.


They turn out the same though.


Right, WinXP isnt needed at all, Win7 does the trick too :)

Yeah, many different ways to do stuff, feel free to edit my initial post and add your SNES and GB/GBC/GBA tuts :)

Thx mate.

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