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anyone have the new luigis mansion cia file?

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I finally got it to work.


To all those with EUR/AUS 3DS consoles:

1. Make sure game patching is enabled in Luma settings (boot with 'select' button pressed, enable game patching, save and exit by pressing 'start')

2. Get Luma Locale Switcher ver. 0.04 from FBI's TitleDB, launch it, go into 'Choose Locales Directory', select '/luma/titles/%s/locale.txt', and confirm.


3. Now find Luigi's Mansion in 'Titles', set region to US and language to EN.

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Hi, I'm looking for Luigi's Mansion EUR version - CIA - the one including french language.

Someone know if this game have ever been ripped ?

I can only find the USA version on internet

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