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My recent experience with ebay case and their customer support and issues with their support for sellers

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sorry just felt like getting my recent ebay experience off my mind so heres what i suppose is like a mini rant 


a fault with sending stuff on ebay standard non tracked and faults with their case system and customer support

so i sold a photo card a few weeks which went to usa then one day out of the blue i had a case against me, i thought what the? i thought it was not too long ago

and i never got any message from the buyer prior to the case

so it was 3 weeks which to me it should've probably had arrived by now but opening a case is a bit early in my opinion

because even though the post aim / delivery estimation date would have been within a week or two but its not guaranteed and officially i saw that it can take up to max 25 working days for it to be delivered but yet when i spoke to ebay customer support they completely ignored that and were actually quite rude to me and only cared about the delivery aim / time estimation

what happens if there bad weather delays for customs delay or whatever else?

also i contacted the royal mail (post in the uk)

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and there they pretty much said its still a bit early to consider it lost


also what i would like to add maybe the buyer is for real that it hadnt arrived. not saying he is lying BUT i responded to case nicely and also sent a message to the user and never responded more than 2 days so I'm pretty much forced to refund him tomorrow because after tomorrow he can turn it into a claim and its already an automatic win

where he did not have to wait the full time or delivery or respond to me in the case or messages

that to me seems completely broken


ebay support said its buyers choice and dont recommend buyers contacting sellers via messages and just open a request.... yeah the customer support contradicted their own official support pages.....


also customer support was nowhere on the ball or paying attention said my response was less than 24 hours ago but that was my second message first one was over 48 hours and again was very rude and obnoxious 


again im not saying hes lying but his actions by 1 opening a case without ever sending me a message and 2 not responding to the case or messages then afterwards

for me that stinks to high heavens


strange because the user had good amount positive feedback and seems experienced on ebay enough not to do this unless if the buyer knows what hes doing


thing is if i had sold the photocard outside of ebay via paypal i wouldve won the paypal dispute but ebay its a different matter


i know its important to protect buyers but you need to protect sellers too


i sent it non tracked because it was under £10 so it would be near double the price

to send it to usa tracked and i had done before with no issues


personally for me its not about the money its more the sense of being scammed

because if the buyer had responded after opening the case and was nice i wouldve probably refunded and didnt think about it

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I saw a similar case in which Sony bought a random Jailbroken PS4 on ebay, and then they sued the seller (whom's name I wont mention) and they sued for copyright infringement. Now i know this isnt exactly related to your story, but point & case made, Ebay needs to protect sellers. But, this could just be a result of people being sinful and wanting to exploit software for their own personal gain (sorry if religious plugs aren't allowed).

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