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XMPlayer v0.0.2 is now available!

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It has been a while since its first release, and now, developer 'Siz' has released an update to the famous libxenon's Media Player, which was originally started by 'Ced2911'.

Here's the huge changelog and info for the new v0.0.2:

XMPlayer 0.0.2 – October 19, 2012

With a lot of help from especially Ced2911 and the Libxenon community, I can proudly present

the new version of XMPlayer with added features, fixes and changes.



github: --------------


Version 0.0.2:

- Fixed: .avi files not playing after a .mkv, .mov or .mp4 file has been played

- Fixed: When entering a new folder « Item number/All item number » will not update until moving down on d-pad

- Fixed: When paused, the osd buttons (y, xbox, x) unpauses video, only (a) pauses/unpauses now

- Fixed: Osd_show_progression (x) only shows if osd-button (y) hasn’t been pressed before

- Fixed: Lb and Rb doesn’t seek -600/+600

- Fixed:The D-pad being buggy after a video has been played

- Fixed: Some bugs with osd displaying delay as -0 because of it being close to zero

- Fixed: Removed the 1 pixel-width line artifact in videos

- Changed: Osd-button (y) now switches from directly on/off, this means it only needs 1 press to full osd and not 3 presses

- Changed: When pressing the pause-button (a) progression will also show

- Changed: The page down icon now only shows, if there are at least more items than a page

- Changed: The (
button doesn’t exit to homescreen any more, it goes one level up, until root then goes to homescreen

- Changed: [extension.mp4] demuxer=mov to demuxer=lavf in mplayer.conf, lavf handles .mp4 files better than mov

- Changed: Updated libass to 0.10.0

- Changed: Ass/ssa is now subtitle default which means outline, color, scale etc. works -Changed: The audio delay option in osd is more logical, a audio_delay of 100 ms doesn’t mean audio is 100 ms before video (mplayer standard), but 100 ms after

- Changed: Replaced mxml with tinyxml, because of loading problems and it seems lighter

- Changed: Updated GUI with button indicators, changed page size from 10 to 15

- Added: « Restart » and « Shutdown » buttons

- Added: A « smart menu » that saves your last selection and path when exiting a menu or playing a video (resets between devices)

- Added: Resume-playback function: if you stop a video in the middle of playing, it will save last position and resume from there if desired (more than a minute of video has to be played)

- Added: All libmenu’s working functions available in the main osd, so libmenu will no longer be needed

- Added: Patch from mplayerdev’s mailing list which adds support for playing videos inside multivolume uncompressed rar files

- Added: If a .rar file loads, it now gets the extension of the archived file, so the true extension profile is loaded

- Added: The (back) button goes directly back to homepage

- Added: Sort files. By pressing (x) in the file browser, you can order by Name or Date (day/month/year)

- Added: ASS settings can be accessed from the subtitle osd menu

- Added: Set ass=yes and vf=ass in mplayer config. This means it can be disabled and subfont can be used if desired

Version 0.0.1:

-Initial Release

Known Issues

- Cannot seek in files over 2 gigabytes (split the files for now)

- Prolonged pausing causes audio to go out of sync, « fix » this by seeking once in the file

- ASS Subtitle handling can cause freezes and lag. If rand

om crashes in video occurs, set ass=no and change vf=ass to #vf=ass in config

- Playing .rar can be unstable, sometimes freezing XMPlayer

- If your subs doesn’t show all the characters, try a different font by replacing subfont.ttf in folder

- XMPlayer does not always mount usb (uda) even though it loads, reload XMPlayer and try again

- Endless loading screen: Try formatting using Gui Format32, or try placing xenon.elf and symbols.elf on root of xbox’s internal hdd. Place the folder on the root of a usb (ntfs, fat), and then run xenon.elf from the internal harddrive via Dashlaunch.

- Can crash while using play’n'charge kit

- Audio balance not working

- Pictures and Music are not supported

- No networking!


- Copy all files to the root of an usb stick, launch it by xell or latest dashlaunch

Button Binds

#In File Browser

-A: enter

-B: up one level

-X: sort by

-Back: back to homescreen

-D-pad: direction

#In video

-A: pause/play

-B: exit player

-X: show progression

-Y: OSD/Menu

-Rb: seek 10 min forward

-Lb: seek 10 min back

-Rt: seek 10 sec forward

-Lt: seek 10 sec back

-Up: seek 1 min forward

-Down: seek 1 min back

-Right: seek 10 sek forward

-Left: seek 10 sek back



Exit action: Shutdown Button bind

Language: Menu language (English/French)


Language: Set default audio track of video (i.e mkv with multiple languages)

Volume: Start volume

Soft Volume: Software volume boost


Frame Dropping: Set default frame dropping option

Vsync: Set default vertical sync option


Color: Color of the subtitle (only when ass=yes, which is default)

Border Color: Color of the subtitle border (only when ass=yes, which is default)

Code Page: the encoding of the subtitles (latin, baltic, arabic etc.)

Language: Default subtitle language

Thanks to












source: team-xecuter.com

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Been always wanting to use this app but

when i load it with dashlaunch the loading screen of xmplayer just keeps going circle spinning...

not frozen or anything

I know this isn't a help section but since this is the app any advice on getting it to work ?

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