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**URGENT** DarkUmbra Security Audit

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were you able to track the IP used to upload the file?

Nope I don't even know where it came from yet but my bet is from DUTag custom templates. Because it is so old, the code isn't up to par with what I write currently.

@ShadowPuppet Thanks for your as well as Peter's Awesomeness, we are safe. We here @DU really appreciate the work you put into this community and it shows with this "attempt" be it weak and noobish as it was XD.png

No problem man :) I wouldn't let jack shit happen to this puppy :P

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Wasn't there some jackass in China that tried hacking this site a long time ago? Like, earlier this year? Maybe it's the same idiot?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.