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**URGENT** DarkUmbra Security Audit

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Rainbow tables are only suppose to be fast if they have your password as a hash...one of the arguments against weak or duplicate passwords. If your hash is in the list upto 8 digit alphanumeric case sensitive password goes down in a few minutes.

From what i read an item will always produce the same string when hashed.

eg. Toenails might hash to --> 58756879c05c68dfac9866712fad6a93fc38f616560b120fda8e90f383853542

This will be true each and every time for that word. Rainbow tables take advantage of this by comparing a list hashed passwords to your hash....if they get a match your hacked

Salting adds a Random string to each password to change the hash. As far as i know this is randomly generated each time and makes things much more secure.

eg. Toenails hash becomes Toenails + randomstring = new different Hash each time.

You can read more here, but it makes my head swim so i will be leaving it to Shadow.

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@shadow Each time you rehash and salt it is basically encrypting your encryption so it should be much harder to crack? So the best way in is to torture the key out of you, right?

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Nice job on the security efforts (and success)!


I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I heard some ask "Government Hackers?"

 - Someone is giving them way too much skill credit.


- Gava46

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This topic is now closed to further replies.