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[Wii] CFG USB Loader Tips

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If you ever tried to make a CRAP or Wii Game Shotcut Creator channel for your favorite games you might have noticed that one of of the best option there is to use USB Loader CFG (no intro) method.
However when you exit the WGSC or CRAP game you will return to CFG loader instead of returning to the Wii System Menu, since this is the default action used in CFG.
So is there a way to return to SM on exiting a CRAP/WGSC game and still go back to loader after running a game using the Loader?

A feature is there and can be used to just do so: it's "config.txt" file used by the loader to save settings.
This file can be in \usb-loader\ folder or in apps\usbloader or apps\usbloader_cfg folders as well

Having config file in apps\usbloader or apps\usbloader_cfg sub directories will override the global options in sd\usb-loader\config.txt

So here's a simple solution:

Used a custom forwarder with custom Channel ID not to have any conflict with official channels
Mine has the ID : "WLB9" and is named "The Blue Diamonds Forwarder for CFG USB Loader"


Video Preview:

This file forwards to \apps\usbloader_cfg then to \apps\usbloader (boot.dol)
1. It looks great and has animations too
2. You can use this channel to play your games and use the return to channel option by adding this line in \apps\usbloader_cfg\config.txt
return_to_channel = WLB9

3. You have to have a folder called \apps\usbloader with no return to channel option by adding this line in \apps\usbloader\config.txt
return_to_channel = 0

4. Now create game channels using CRAP or GSC using USBLoader_CFG no intro mode and you will return to SM after you quit those games

Download the channel from here:

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