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[MF] Ultimate Cover Collection Thread (Full, 2D, 3D, and Cartridge Covers) Updated 07-27-15

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Hey everyone,

Sorry hadn't gotten to updating this thread on here in a minute, but it is now up to speed with my last 07-17-12 update that is hosted at that one other place O.o All updates in this spoiler are new, since i hadn't updated it here since 05-17-12. Maybe you will want to read it from the bottom up, haha xD Have fun!

-Update 07-17-12:

SegaCD - Added a new SegaCD set (164 covers) from thecoverproject.net. Added a preview pic as well.

NES - Aligned all spines, and made the NES Spine logo universal throughout the set, there have also been 11 more covers added. Some slight cleaning to a few baddies.

SNES - Aligned all spines, and made major adjustments to the spines to make them more universal. There have also been 9 new covers added, as well as some alternate (other region) covers. Also some cleaning done to the set.

N64 - Aligned all spines, and made some slight level adjustments to some of the ultra-dull covers. No new additions.

GB, GBC, GBA - Aligned all spines, made spine logo's universal, and added 5 more gameboy classic covers.

Virtual Boy - Finished up a few more covers, set is now up from 10 to 17 covers plus 1 alt. Also added a preview pic.

Atari 2600 - Added 9 new covers, plus 30 alternates.

Atari 7800 - Added 3 new covers.

Colecovision - Added 3 new covers, as well as a few new alt covers.

Neo-Geo Pocket (Color) - Add 4 new covers, and 4 new alt covers

-Update 06-27-12: Updated the "How to Use Full Covers With WiiFlow-Mod" section, and the "announcement" section.

-Update 06-06-12: I was doing some hunting, and I found Rx_79 over at thecoverproject.net working on the same template, and his covers look fantastic! I've incorporated everything into one set keeping the best available. He's been adding a lot of covers recently, so I hope he will continue his great work! Set has been updated, and contains 60 covers at the moment. If you have downloaded any previous versions of this set, please start over with these, there a Hell of a lot nicer! ALSO - Added a small Virtual Boy set. These were mostly made by ronnieniemela1979 @ thecoverproject.net, and are verry f'n nice smile.png. Preview to come for those, but i need to sleep!

Update 06-04-12b: I've been working on a custom Game Gear Set. I just got the original set i uploaded accounted for, and I'll be working on new ones in the near future. I will of course start with the more popular titles (rest of the sonics, ecco, golden axe, etc.) for the next release. This set is based off a template i re-created & tweaked from thecoverproject.net. They lean towards the Euro-Style (I hate our crappy ass purple U.S. boxes), but are not rectangular, but square like the japanese boxes were.

-Update 06-04-12: I re-uploaded the Neo Geo Pocket (Color) set with 4 additional NGP covers.

-Update 06-02-12: I created a Neo Geo Pocket (Color) template based on the set at thecoverproject.net and have created and added another 20 covers to the set. smile.png Should be Near-Complete, with the exception of Japanese covers, and a few Protoypes. Also added an updated emuflow video. Also, added an important announcement!!!

-Update 05-30-12b: I have been working on peicing together and cleaning up a set of ScummVM covers. Since a lot of people have been asking, I thought I'd release what I have done so far. smile.png

-Update 05-30-12: Added a new near complete Atari Lynx full cover set! There are only 6 prototypes missing from the no-intro romset. (I'll see if I can get something together for those few in the future). The old set was 18 covers, this one is 77 smile.png I made a template based on the 4 or 5 i'd seen floating around, and seam was nice enough to gather up most of the front and back covers for me. I got the logo artwork for the spines from Hyperspin. Enjoy! I'll be trying to finish up a set of scummvm covers next, followed by virtual boy. Thatisall.

-Update 05-22-12: Added a TurboGrafx16 set, as well as a Neo Geo Pocket (Color) set.

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