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very nice compilation. getting sick of redirects and waiting. thank you very much

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why these titles has been removed ?


A Ch'ti Bundle [010096A00CC80000][v0].nsp
ACA NEOGEO NINJA MASTER'S [0100C6300AFE0000][v0].nsp
Arena of Valor [0100944009646000][v0].nsp
Bad North [010075000D092000][v0].nsp
Baobabs Mausoleum Ep 1 Ovnifagos Don't Eat Flamingos [0100425009FB2000][v0].nsp
DRAGON BALL SUPER BUTODEN [01004DB00BC70000][v0].nsp
Dragon's Lair Trilogy [010027100C544000][v0].nsp
Holy Potatoes! We're In Space ! [010096B009E12000][v0].nsp
Johnny Turbo's Arcade Break Thru [010066D002CC8000][v0].nsp
Johnny Turbo's Arcade Fighter's History [0100B3F00B9F2000][v0].nsp
Johnny Turbo's Arcade Nitro Ball [0100D07002CD6000][v0].nsp
Knock 'Em Down! Bowling [010085000BA5C000][v0].nsp
Let's Sing 10 [010085A00420A000][v0].nsp
Let's Sing 11 [0100375009F80000][v0].nsp
Let's Sing 2018 Hits Fran?ais et Internationaux [0100932004208000][v0].nsp
Let's Sing 2018 mit deutschen Hits [01006A500420E000][v0].nsp
Let's Sing 2019 Hits Fran?ais et Internationaux [01003E6009F7E000][v0].nsp
Let's Sing 2019 mit deutschen Hits [0100F5C009F82000][v0].nsp
Percy's Predicament Deluxe [01005CE00617E000][v0].nsp
The King's Bird [010020500BD98000][v0].nsp
????? BATTLE KING [0100E6100CCE6000][v0].nsp

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Darkest dungeon base game and Darkest dungeon update aren't the same region so when you install the update it just creates another game icon on the switch

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