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[Kodi] Internet Archive Game Launcher (IAGL) Plugin, RetroArch Sibling but as Online Rom Cloud Remote Repository

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I want to share information that guides to a plugin developed for Retro Games by zach-morris called IAGL(Internet Archive Game Launcher) on Kodi without the need to have the games on external hard disk drives or whatever memory of your choice but you need Kodi in whatever available operating system platform you choose(Mac OS, Android, Windows, etc. for whatever device of your choose) but in a specified version: Kodi v18 beta(Between 1-7) Leia(Actual). The thing is, you need RetroArch, IAGL downloads the game of your choice temporaly and you can play it in real time and then deletes itself later for downloading later again(You have the choice also to download to your memory storage), for larger games I know its a Hard waiting but depends on your internet speed. IAGL has all that RetroArch "can offer in emulation and cores"(Interlinked) but as an internet rom temporaly downloader and player(Also a repository to download roms directly to your memory storage) but dependant of RetroArch so you dont have to keep any game of your choice on storage because the storage is in a remote cloud service that has all games or the majority in history of every retro game console on any language of your choice but in kodi that with this plugin it offers all kind of cover setups automatically, rom information, rom overview, years, images, trailers, rom description, console banners and many more, you know what kodi is capable of, if it is with the movies, music, tv series and other kind of media so may be also be with games with this plugin called IAGL(Internet Archive Game Launcher). So here it goes, read this carefully!, my try was with an Android 4K TV with Android Operation System(Xinput controller needed if on Windows OS or integrated Android OS on TV, also Android TV Box or whatever your choice but you need a way to play the games(RetroArch with Xinput controller interlinked with Internet Archive Game Launcher on Kodi):

- https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=332966

- https://github.com/zach-morris/plugin.program.iagl/wiki (Downloads for the plugin and repository zip files to install for Kodi can be find here and the Tutorial very well explained!)

Zip Files(Install them with Kodi and you need the Kodi Installer addon to install beta 18(v1-7) Leia(Actual):

plugin.program.iagl-2.0.5.zip :

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repository.zachmorris-1.0.0.zip : 

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Note: You need to create an account for the plugin!



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