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DarkUmbra Early Access Team

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Get Early Access to new Features & Projects!

Okay we're going to keep this one short and sweet – we're working on some cool new stuff and we need people interested in getting their hands on it first in exchange for their valuable feedback!

Members who are accepted into the early-access program will be introduced to some of our upcoming new projects very early in the development process. These same members will gain exclusive access to these projects throughout the development process and, upon completion, exclusive perks for the final launched version. All we ask is that early access members provide us with their valuable feedback prior to launching the services to the general public.

There are no prerequisites to opt-in to the program, simply click the button below, enter your forum name (or first name preferably) and email address (both will be pre-filled from your DU account if you're logged in) and that's it! We'll be contacting members directly when it's time to get to testing! We've added a simple countdown to the early access page based off our estimated release for the first new project!! :D 

If this sounds like you, hit that button below and get on our list! Looking forward to hearing from everyone!

DISCLOSURE: Please be aware that as members of the early access team you will be privy to confidential information throughout the duration of the program. Failure to maintain the confidentiality of such information may result in actions taken against your account. It should also be mentioned that we will work with small groups of early-access members at a time; as such, if you are not immediately contacted with project details, please be patient. We will get to everyone in due time :) 

Join the Early Access Team

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Count me in Shadow. Can't wait to see what you have been up too. FYI you should bring the poker back. Lol 

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