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Windows XP Titan Ultimate Edition (2016) [ISO] [Multi]

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* File: 3.70 Gb
* Format: ISO [Record with Nero or similar]

What is Windows® XP Titan Ultimate Edition?
Windows® XP Titan Ultimate (later "WinTuEdition®") is a new version of Windows® completely unattended.
WinTuEdition® is the perfect combination between Quality, Performance and Reliability. It has the version of Windows® XP Professional with Service Pack 3 intact, without any modification whatsoever (at the "system files" level -only SYSDM.CPL-), thus allowing the user to enjoy their version of Windows® totally original.
Start and Shutdown:
* Cache-Prefetch-Cache Setting (Application Launch and Startup Enabled) New!
* Auto-Terminate Hung Applications
* Auto-Terminate Services Hung
* Auto-Terminate Tasks
* NumLock Off ==> (In v2.3 it was Enabled and in some Notebooks they wrote numbers instead of letters)
* Disable automatic restart in System Error New!
* Lock Taskbar
* Disable the Windows Tour message
* Disable the Language Bar
Desktop, Task Bar and Start Menu:
* Internet Explorer icon
* My PC icon
* My Documents Icon
* My Network Sites icon
* Recycling Bin Icon
* Associate more files to Notepad
* Change views from Windows Explorer folders to Mosaics New!
* Disable Direct Access arrow
* Disable the Prefix: Direct access to
* Disable "Sticky Keys" (Accessibility)
* Show Status Bar in all windows
* Show the contents of System folders
* Show extensions of known file types
* Show the complete route in the Address Bar
* Recycling Bin: It is not allowed to change the Name or Delete it
Internet Explorer:
* Adjust as home page
* Adjust the IE Cache limit to 20 MB
* Set Internet Explorer to accept 10,000 connections at the same time ==> (In v2.3 it only accepted 10)
* Disable Save Passwords
* Disable the information bar when a pop-up window is blocked
* Enable Google URL Search.
* Maintain IE URL History for 50 Days
Start menu:
* Show menu Network Connections as "Connect to"
* Remove Configure access and default programs
* Remove the shortcut to "Windows Catalog"
* Show IE Favorites
* Number of most used Programs in the start menu: 6
* Reduce menu delay
My PC:
* Add Device Manager to the Contextual Menu
* Add Control Panel to the Contextual Menu
* Add Services to the Contextual Menu
* Add Software to the Contextual Menu
Windows Media Player:
* Automatically accept the Privacy Agreement
* Adjust the video to the size of the window
* Disable starting with the Media Guide
Disable "Optimize hard drive when inactive"
Windows Update and WGA Validation WinTuEdition® is 100% compatible with Windows Update as it provides a valid Product Key to download all types of updates by successfully passing the Legal Software test.
With the Integrated Updates to August 11, 2009, will you have "0? (Zero) UPDATES to download in the Windows Update. You are totally updated !. And for Office updates, they are only 52 MB.- Integrated Drivers
WinTuEdition® contains a huge number of integrated Drivers in the DVD of all types of Hardware: Audio, Video, LAN, Wireless, Modem, Bluetooth, USB, Flash Memory, SATA, RAID and more!
All Drivers were integrated with their latest versions of DriverPacks.NET (Tuesday, August 4, 2009)
You will not have to waste time installing your Drivers one by one, now WinTuEdition® automatically detects and installs them.
NOTE: In 95% of the cases, the detection of the appropriate Drivers is successful, but in case any reason does not become correct, please uninstall the incorrect Drivers and download them from the Official Website of your provider or insert your CD / DVD that comes included with the Motherboard. A new tool to discover, the PIA
That's right, WinTuEdition® said "Goodbye" to the WPI (Windows Post Install), and integrated a new tool programmed from scratch, called PIA (Automated Installation Program).
This new tool, which has a more attractive and elegant appearance, allows a better connection with the user and a much more striking description of the programs. As well as the possibility of restarting or shutting down the system, or simply do nothing at the end of the installation of the programs.
There is also the possibility of a general cleaning of the entire PC once the installation of the programs, obviously sponsored by the CCleaner in version 2.22.968 (which does not need to install)
The PIA currently integrates more than 100 programs, most of them updated as of August 2009, and all were updated by the WinTuEdition® to be unattended. For more information
Programs R


*Nota* No sabes Descargar?
PASO!: Solo Debes Darle Click A Dicho Servidor Clikeado los Enlaces Estan Dentro De un Protector De Enlaces.
Aqui os dejo un pequeño Gift de como hacerlo.


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