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How to get FREE Apps and Games on Google Play (Root Required)

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This is actually a pretty simple tutorial using titanium backup and taking advantage of Google Play's refund policy. You will need...


  • A Rooted Phone or Tablet
  • Titanium Backup App (requires root)
  • A credit card to allow purchases to be made (purchases will be refunded)


So Google Play allows users to refund an app or game within 15 minutes of purchasing it. We are going to take full advantage of this policy. This works for any app/game, but be careful so that something does not go wrong. So make sure you have a decent battery charge and on a stable rom so as not to prevent you from accessing that refund. Probably won't happen, but it's best to be on the safe side. There are only 4 simple steps for this to work.


  1. Purchase the app/game.
  2. Go into titanium backup. Search for the app/game you installed in backup/restore. Click on the app/game and hit backup.
  3. Once the backup is complete go back into Google Play and it will say refund in place of uninstall. Tap on that and after tap uninstall to complete the process. Sometimes you will have to uninstall first before the refund option is available.
  4. Go back to titanium backup. Find the app/game. It should have a line through it meaning that it is no longer installed. Click on the app and hit restore. It's that simple.

Keep in mind that you can only refund an app/game once. You cannot do this everytime an app/game is updated. This is a good option for games and apps that do not have enough popularity to be found online. It is also less of a hastle than finding an apk file online and having to deal with a ton of ads. I hope this helps.


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What a great way to rob developers of the money they otherwise would have earned from all their hard work. I like working for free too! SMDH

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You could just go to settings and turn on "allow unknown sources" and then go to

Hidden Content

    Like this post to see the hidden content.
, install the aptoide apk, and then search the Aptoide store and download the paid or even modded (free money, gems, whatever) for free. The Aptoide app even looks for updates like Google Play does.


No root needed btw. I just upgraded to a Galaxy S5 Active like 3 weeks ago and am currently unable to root since the effing AT&T girl decided to run the update on my phone before giving it to me and the Android version I now have is currently unsupported by TowelRoot.



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