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[PC Review] Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

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Wow this is a really good game,

fantastic story which was unique and fun.

Characters were all different even if some were a bit bizarre

but the important thing was that it was very easy to get invested into all of them.

Even if there were one or 2 characters that i did not really care about

but they were still solid characters that holds their and serve a purpose in the story


I always felt an impact on when one of them was killed, who it was and the murderer

as well, the story and the characters are definitely the strong point of the game


Game play, it is a visual novel

with an added a bunch of different game play elements like the

class trails on finding out and deciding who was the murderer

which was and enjoyable fun and other place where the game shines

you also get to walk around talk to people, give gifts

which an lead to additional dialogue to give more depth to each character.


One disappointment is that there are no choices

and no real alternative endings

which could have been the cherry on top of the cake, it would

have added much more to the game but maybe that was too much to ask.


There is not that much voiced dialogue in game which is disappointing

During the class trails there are more voices is to be expected

since it is a big part of the game.

But one of my pet hates in games is people saying a catchphrase

when it is not anywhere in the text, does that bother anyone else?


In my opinion the pc port is lacking real improvements or additions

it is pretty much a port but it is nice playing it on the pc

and i do not want to be critical but it would have been legendary

if this game had gotten additional content and more improvements


Despite the game not having choices or alternative endings

which is usually standard in visual novels

but this game excels with its story characters the lass trails

and its overall uniqueness

it is a cult hit incredible experience

and one you definitely should try


My score: 8.5/10

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