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[PS3 Review] Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix Birth By Sleep

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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is an action role-playing video game developed and published by Square Enix. I was really excited to play this game when it first came out as it was probably maybe

(or at least very close to being) my most favourite psp game brought to the ps3.



This is of course the most important part of the remix of Birth By Sleep, since it was adapting a psp game to the ps3. For the most part I was really impressed, I thought it looked great although there are a few minor things that I wish were fixed/ bit better.

Certain scenes and textures may have minor things that do not look right.

(not all the time just certain moments)

For example around the characters eyes, they sometimes look weird when zoomed in you can see lines underneath and also ocean can look static or have other odd parts that did not look hd/ps3 quality etc...

Anyways for the most part, the game looks and the sound is flawless the , so it gets the main things right that it needed for being on the ps3.


GameplayPlays fantastic and it is much nicer using a dualshock rather than playing it on the psp, I probably won't be able to go back to playing it on the psp anymore as it feels right at home on a console.

Gameplay it is Kingdom Hearts! A really fun to play action rpg. Of course comparing it later titles may leave a tiny bit to be desired. But the gameplay here is really solid and I think that is the main thing.



Best part of the game even though I like all Kingdom Hearts games but I never was really into Sora Riku etc... there were good characters but I just not great or wow before for me it was always about exploring and the gameplay with this game though it changed things. In this game with Aqua, Terra and Ventus I just like them much more, they were great characters that looked to have much more depth. Better character designs compared to Sora Riku and Kairi. The story focused a good bit for their friendship and it was usually visible even if only one of them are on screen, you see how much they cared for each over. For me it was really easy to get into the story.


Play Time/Replayability

It is a very long game, to properly enjoy it, it would take at least 25 hours which is very respectable but then extras could take it up to 40+ hours, to get it 100% completed and all trophies maybe even double that. So there is plenty to do if your a completionist but even not 25 hours is still really good.


Final RecommendationI have to say it is very close to being one of the best hd remastered games for the ps3.

This does feel like an upgrade but sadly with a few minor graphical errors on odd occasions which keeps this from being perfect but it is still really enjoyable


My Score: 9/10

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