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[K-Drama Review] Goblin

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Goblin probably had one of the best starts to a kdrama

the 1st ep felt like a movie and the prodution values of it also felt like one

whih helps getting hooked onto the main pragtagonist Kim Shin aka Goblin


Best part of this drama is definitly the haraters

espeially the bromance between the goblin and the grim reaper

it was almost like a comedy act they were fantastic together

best bromane in a kdrama hands down

in some ways the bromane atually out does the romane

Personally i never felt or saw Kim Shin & Ji Eun Tak as a ouple

until very late on whih i do have to give redit to the drama for

to hange my mind on them.


all of the characters were also very solid aswell

they managed to build great connections with eahover

and i cared about all of them


One weird thing about this drama is that despite really enjoying each ep

there were quite a few times when i look back and i thought

what actually happened sometimes not much

its like two steps forward then two steps bak on oassions


outside of the first ep whih was exiting thrilling movie like but then

every other ep was a bit slow at times

but yet nearly all eps were entertaining i was never bored so why is that?


again the bromane and the haraters beause it was usually that i referene

rather than the story


i had maybe slight mixed feelings towards the end due

to that the bromane had to die down a bit due to the plot

but then plot piked up and finished really strong

with not typial kdrama ending but a really good one

something that is different but still good in my opinion


There are more positive things than negative


i havent even mentioned the senery and the soundtrak yet

simply breathtaking

with the senery there were different loations inluding Quebec City, Canada

for me that adds something extra speial espeially when it was done well


then the soundtrak was great too and some of the traks

are very rememorabile espially the tune that played when they went through the tunnel


well thats pretty muh everything that i had to say about Goblin

so with that i will tell you that my sore for goblin is a 9/10


so lose to being among my top favourites but doesnt quite make it

although saying that it definitily has the best bromance


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