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[K-Drama Review] The K2

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I think the k2 is a fantastic kdrama very under rated

Although for me it did not have the greatest of starts

especially the first 2 episodes

It was like the drama was trying to be cool

with some beautiful scenery, really cool fights scenes and a sexy scene etc...

but without providing any emotional context initially which made it all meaningless

it didnt grab me at and it was a bit boring to be honest


Im glad that I did not drop it because I was pretty close to doing so

After when I learnt and understood Kim Je-ha & Go An-na character their motivation

and the story behind them

the drama then suddenly became more enjoyable because most scenes fights or situations

then meant something to me because I felt for them


even though episode 3 was not great but it showed promise then from episode 4

i started to enjoy the drama and then I really got into it.


So lets go over some of things that I really liked

The acting is probably the best thing in the drama it was top notch

everyone done a fantastic job

Soundtrack was very solid and I really liked the instrumentals

it added an extra emph to each situation very well

I really liked in the drama that there were two revenges stories going on

it was intersting once I knew what was what liked mentioned before.


go anna appreciated kim je ha more when she saw him suffering a nightmare

while he was sleeping in one of the episodes it made her feel like shes not the only one


Now some minor issues that the drama had maybe was

1st go anna's sudden personality change

from being scared, seemingly uncapable of anything and a shut in

to a very capable chatty and clever woman

they didnt build up to Kim Je-ha & Go An-na relationship that much

even though their chemistry was really

good, their scenes were cute and enjoyable and they looked like a couple.

in my opinion it maybe needed more time but then also they were both suffering

and found comfort together so it is understanable


And they didnt show enough of Jang Se-joon's humanity like they did with Choi Yoo-jin

maybe there Jang Se-joon only

im not saying i wished that there were loads of scenes

but one here and there


it then brings


The drama had a really strong finish it kept up the quality of the fight scenes

it had really high stakes, intense


So my score for the k2 is a 9/10


Now if you excuse me Im going to subway and get something to eat


Actually I am back because I want to talk about so spoilers

so if you want to stop here then do that right now

your still watching? okay then


anna did not need to go to 9

then anna's father dying and her mothers name never cleared

in part i wouldve understood if her father liked saved her

life by taking a bullet or something else like that

but he did not have to die, it was complete suicide

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