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[XBOX ONE Review] Quantum Break

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before i begin my review i want to ask

like Who is this guy? [point at cover]



wait a minute let me check on my phone here....

on wikipedia here... ah got it jack joyce

okay then on with the review


so it was meant to be the big one for the xbox one but it pissed me off

its a real shame because for me the game sounded really promising


it was a interesting concept a game + a tv show

with decisions affecting both (or at least it meant to...)

and it was from the creators of alan wake

which is among my elite favourites of games


so obliviously i was very exited...

But this game sadly has some major flaws


Biggest issue with the game is that even though it has an interesting universe

BUT mostly with weak characters

and none of them are developed properly throughout the game

Like again... ah shit forgot his name [point at cover] eh does not matter

never played such a forgettable main protagonist before...


TV Show isnt bad its quite decent and i wished i couldve spent more time with them

but the main character of the game or any other important character

in the game barely features in the tv show

its like almost 2 separate things that rarely connect with each other


What worse is that there are no conclusions or endings

to any of the characters in both and overall game and the tv show

breaks the immersion to each other with what i have mentioned


it would have been nice to have more background story on Joyce

yes i remembered his name a prologue episode could have been great

I did not care much for Joyce and honestly I cared little about the other characters too

some of the tv characters were possibly interesting but not enough time with them

to make me fully care.


enough negatives lets go over some of the positives


Its a decent 3rd person shooter with a twist with the time abilities

sometimes a mixed bag but overall i did enjoy the game play


- Pretty game despite it being only 720p

It is a technical spectacle The time based abilities are cool

but after the tutorials for each ability

although i ended up just using the same power over and over again

freezing / slowing down the enemies then shoot them


that part of the gameplay kinda feels like

a syfy edition of alan wake you know with the torch to slow down enemies

but that is the only part that they resemble


As things started to get interesting when i was really getting into

the game and enjoying it but then it bothered me...


choices are a great concept but sadly they never really grew into anything

does not affect the game or the ending in any real way

even though you can change the tv show part a bit a slight bit

but you can not change joyce's journey throughout the game in any meaningful way

its strange...


then sequel baiting and a possible romance from out of nowhere


last thing f*** the final boss


words cannot explain probably one of the worst boss fights that i've ever faced

especially when i was doing well and then it crashed twice

then i had to try multiple times dying from frustration


Overall great concept great universe and reasonably good game play it was enjoyable

Graphics are absolutely incredible, the physics were simply amazing

technical wise its outstanding but other than that its a bit of a let down

and leaves me wanting to play alan wake more

do not mean to say alan wake multiple times

but this feels like a incomplete game and a tv show that got cancelled mid season

it simply left me wanting more.



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