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[WiiU Review] Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

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For what it is and how well it does it, It's a really good game


This game & Mario games in general are games that you can play in any mood

Always relaxing and enjoyable


Ofcourse if you want an action game (or with a bit more) then you won't overly enjoy this


This game is a more slow pace easy going game


Captain Toad is so adorable,


The graphics are great and its what to be expected,

Soundtrack is great too and sets the mood for playing

Has a good amount of unique levels too including bonus ones if you have a Super Mario 3D World save

Also replay value with time trials and the Toad amiibo plus completing the secret objectives and getting all the stars

So overall its a decent package


The only real issue that I have is the camera view

It didn't bother me when playing through the first time because I was taking my time completing the levels

BUT for the speed runs it starts to become annoying where in a lot (but not all) courses require to do perfect movement straight to the star as you only have maybe 2 to 3 seconds tops to spare

so at times it can be tuff to do some of those courses and getting the best time


But overall its a great game that always have that mario style charm


My Score: 9/10


While I'm talking about sorry to go slightly off topic @Nintendo where is the captain toad amiibo mario kart 8 character and smash bros character? come on nintendo make them! :P:)

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