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[K-Drama Review] Signal

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When I was looking for a kdrama to watch,

I saw signal on mydramalist which had a 9.2 rating score highest ranked kdrama

and also it was is either a 9 or 10 on most other places so

I had to watch this kdrama, so how was it?

well it was good but not quite carling.


The concept was fantastic really clever in my opinion the

communcation between the past and present worked very well


The first ep almost felt a movie it was very entertaining

and most cases are like an ep and a half which works great

when its a good case but then in others it felt dragged out and very repitive


ep 4 was a masterpiece great emotional ep which built up lee jang really well


It was well acted and also perfect picked cast, everyone suited their roles

well and they all gave top class performances all round

everyone showed good emotion


Park Hae Young is one dimensional character other than him suffering from

the loss of his brother what else is there who is Park Hae Young?

There was a girl who was helping him deciding on which university to go to,

she appeared in like 3 scenes then never to be seen again....


I am not one who has to have romance in series etc... but I really feel that this k-drama needed it especially with cha because she just seems to be crazy ott over her crush


It could have been a sad tragic story but waiting for that moment it never came


Later eps lagged a bit one ep almost felt like nothing happened but luckily by then

theres only 4 eps left


This could have been the best kdrama ever but a couple of things really holds it


The ending

and the writer

when I spend 16 hours watching something I want to have an ending

Also even though a season 2 is possible


In my opinion wait to least when season 2 is confirmed if not then only watch this when you have nothing to watch



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