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[TV Show Review] Teen Titans GO

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WTF seriously wtf !

there was already big issues within four seconds yes a matter of seconds

Raven is a fantastic DARK character guess what is playing within a teddy pony and unicorn

while watching tv of them at the same time

your thinking no i've made a mistake and i meant to have said starface

nope your wrong i repeat raven playing with teddy unicorn & pony

............................. facepalm seriously wtf i was actually sad in a matter of seconds which for me never ever happened before

and i rarly felt sad watching a series or movie but this show is the closet thing to making me cry!

moving on first of all lets talk about the graphics of the show as you most likely know its different from the old series

like in the short previews for me i would've prefered for it to stay with the old graphics but the new ones

aren't awful or anything that would've completely stopped me from watching

Raven looks the best robin looks almost the same not extremely starfire aswell decent

one minor issues i felt beast boy and cyborg looked very childish looking although liked i said its not a deal breaker

opening tune... not really good but its only a matter of seconds rather than a minute so it goes away quickly compared to other series

for me the aim of the show its not a bad a thing (dealing with situations that happen outside of saving the world) but IF

they had continue on certain things were the old series left off

BUT GUESS WHAT minor spoiler ahead

they dont in any form since one of the early parts of ep 2 or 3 no one knew who raven's father was and raven had to explain to them

this is one of a couple examples where it cleary shows that its disregarding everything that happened in big awesome eps of the old series

lets read a line from the wiki page "The show is a follow-up"

............... no comment it isn't a follow up it acts like all the big events that happened in the old series never happened in the new series

its a big slap in the face to all the fans

why are cn doing this do they hate us ? probably

also the old series is what 8 years old.... another mistake on why they made this new show tt go the way it is

i was only early in my teen years when i first watch very first ep of the teen titans but ofcourse now im older

but im saying that the fans huge audience of the old series wont be interested in this new one and those that did will quickly loose interest

the best and only real good thing is series is that the main cast reprising their respective roles.

i think thats what even maybe made it a bit addictive at the start even though i know its terribile

they all do good decent jobs in the voice acting

but sadly the other jobs are................. <---- not going to say anything about that

other minor good thing was they way theyre doing the eps 2 stories in one ep

i would've liked this alot if the eps werent as bad

people a few parents were complaining about the old teen titans saying that the 3 episode arch of raven

was too dark and scary...

okay maybe they have a point fact is its on cartoon network but isnt the new series worse/ bigger problems ?

minor spoilers ahead

- cyborg gets his arm ripped off

- beast boy get his teeth bashed in

okay in the old series cyborg did get his leg ripped off but still....

also in a later ep in teen titans go minor spoiler cyborg is headless........

oh and probably the biggest one are the ready ?

Robin in the laundry episode part is fully naked

yes you see that right yes i say again fully NUDE

okay not completely you cant see his thing but other thing which i thought was wrong

is girls fans of teen titans taking of Robin naked but wait also

the phones were aimed at his..... thing.....

is this a kidz show ? liked i said for me thats worst and parents should complain more about that becuase thats just wrong

okay im gonna rap this up now

When i first heard about the show i was so excited

i was smiling heck even jumping as one of my favourite shows when i was younger making a return


it only took a matter of seconds for cn to give me a big slap on my face

its a big disgrace to show a beloved show / franchise

and i wish someday teen titans will make a return either on anime or a videogame

so the score out of ten i give 3/10

and its only 3 because of the main cast reprising their respective roles.

without i probably would maybe even only give one out of 10

although fans that had so much hope may get a bit addicted to the show despite well i was gonna say its flaws

but shorter would be almost everything

it doesnt compare to the old series which i would give a 9/10 and a must watch approval

but this new teen titans go SUCKS

note you've been warned

SCORE: 3 / 10

"A BIG Slap in the face from cartoon network"

And I thought them cancelling scooby doo mystery incoporated was as bad they can do... well i guess im wrong now....

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